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Question 15 - we asked:

What would you do about speeding drivers on Coleridge Road?

We asked this question only in Coleridge.

4 of the 4 candidates (100%) who were asked this question responded as below.

Those candidate(s) which were elected are highlighted.

(Conservative Party)

The 20mph speed limit seems to be regularly ignored - and I suspect that some drivers don't even know its in force. Better signage would be a good start and maybe some gentle traffic calming if that doesn't work.

(Green Party)

I would support the installation of speed cameras along this road for the safety of all of us. I would also consider the installation of speed bumps to deter speeding motorists.

(Labour Party)

Traffic travels too fast on Coleridge Rd. Local Labour Ward Councillors and County Cllr Noel Kavanagh have recently won county council LHI funding for the village-type speed activated signs which light up showing the vehicle's actual speed over the speed limit
This is something we have wanted since 2004 = marks for perseverance despite but repeatedly being blocked on it, even though it will if intelligently used influence most driver behaviour. More people driving at 20mph is a key part of slowing other Cambridge drivers who speed,.

In addition, the adoption of our first Coleridge Resident Parking Scheme will result in parking two sides of Coleridge Rd north of the Davy Rd junction and other local roads, that will on these roads result in traffic calming and slow average speeds. We will watch out locally to check it doesn't cause an added risk to cyclists and would use contingency funds in the scheme to make changes if needed for cyclist/pedestrian safety.

Lindsey TATE
(Liberal Democrat)

I am pleased that new speed-activated signs are now agreed for Coleridge Road. I expect these will result in some improvement.

Coleridge Road is a difficult spot to tackle. The majority of the time the 20mph speed limit is ignored by most cars; however, it is a location which experiences peak time congestion. Traffic islands with alternating priorities for cars and facilities for cyclists to bypass them are an attractive solution to reduce vehicle speeds at off-peak times; however, a careful review of the impact at peak times on both Coleridge Road and surrounding roads would be required before I could recommend this solution.

Enforcement cameras are rarely something I support in 20mph zones; however, Coleridge Road is a location in which they could provide the much needed speed reduction at off-peak times without having an impact on peak periods.

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