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Question 14 - we asked:

How would you improve the cycle route between Mill End Road and the High Street?

We asked this question only in Cherry Hinton.

4 of the 4 candidates (100%) who were asked this question responded as below.

Those candidate(s) which were elected are highlighted.

(Conservative Party)

The space for road and pavements is only barely sufficient in that part of the ward, so it is difficult to see where cycle paths could be added without restricting other road users, or where other provision could be made, as Love Lane is also narrow

(Green Party)

I would aim to consult with interested parties (including Cambridge Cycle Campaign) to get various opinions on what could be done to improve matters. My personal feeling on the matter is that the mini-roundabout at the junction of Mill End Road and the High Street is not very safe for those coming from Mill End Road; as those who should give way to Mill End Road cannot actually see the traffic on Mill End Road well. Removal of the mini-roundabout and replacement with a T-junction with traffic lights would be safer. This could be combined with pedestrian lighting where the zebra crossing currently is, as this makes the junction even more confusing.

(Labour Party)

Better lighting; again solar cats eyes as more cost effective than standard ights - improve the road surface and put down 'Road Markings' (white lines) as would be expected on the road.

(Liberal Democrat)

Access to the High Street along Desmond Avenue is adequate; but the final passageway is unusable by tricycles and cycle trailers. Do the chicanes there need to be spaced wider apart? Access via other routes seems reasonable, if not perfect; although Love Lane seems to be too narrow to permit safe two-way traffic, or use by both pedestrians and cyclists at the same time.

I would be keen to hear about and co-operate with any improvements your organisation might suggest.

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