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Question 13 - we asked:

There is a new route to Eddington via Storey's Way, but this road suffers from rat-running between Madingley and Huntingdon Roads, and an awkward pinch point which makes access to the new cycle path difficult. What would you suggest to improve this situation?

We asked this question only in Castle.

4 of the 5 candidates (80%) who were asked this question responded as below.

Those candidate(s) which were elected are highlighted.

(Green Party)

Invest in infrastructure improvement, redesign the layout.

(Labour Party)

- CCTV cameras, for policing of rat-runs and to obviate the need for gate on Ridgeway
(eg display saying "your speed is 15mph, but you WILL get fined if you drive through here")

Cheney PAYNE
(Liberal Democrat)

As mentioned above, I think removing the staggered gates here would improve access to the cycle path for all cyclists, including those on non-standard bikes. In the photo, it is clear to see the impact that cars parked on the side of the road have on traffic on Storey’s Way so there is the question here of what to do about roadside parking. There is mixed opinion on this road about the impact introducing a residents’ only parking scheme would have on traffic, with some residents feeling allowing on-road parking is preferable as it slows cyclists down. I have surveyed residents on Storey’s Way about the parking situation, and opinion on this is very mixed on different parts of the road. While I am in favour of maintaining as much open parking in Cambridge as possible in areas where residents have ample driveways, it is often the parked cars that add to the danger of this road in busy periods. I think exploring further ideas about the balance of space for parking and cycle paths would be fruitful to help solve this problem. Additionally, clearer indication of lane usage around the chicane would help motorists and cyclists to position themselves correctly.

(Libertarian Party)

I propose to answer this under separate cover in the event I am elected. I would not like to comment on so specific a matter without having attended to it adequately. I did examine the photographs but have not derived enough information from them to make a sensible answer.

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