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Question 12 - we asked:

How would you improve cycling on Carlton Way?

We asked this question only in Arbury.

3 of the 4 candidates (75%) who were asked this question responded as below.

Those candidate(s) which were elected are highlighted.

(Green Party)

It is a mish-mash! I would need to ask for advice on whether fixing the individual problems, or designing a whole new layout would be more effective.

Patrick SHEIL
(Labour Party)

Great question. I would love to improve the cycling experience on Carlton Way, not least because i myself am regularly up and down there on my bike.

As City Councillors we need to keep the pressure up on the County to invest regularly in the upkeep of our Cambridge public highways, and to contribute that wherever possible by proposing Local Highways Improvement bids to the County Council. I am delighted to say i've recently done that, with success, in respect of a secion of Gilbert Road. It might be possible to do the same on Carlton Way, and indeed, that road might well benefit from some added speed control measures being put in place.

(Liberal Democrat)

I wouldn't have started from here - I wouldn't have put in the current scheme. The illustrated route appears to me to be a failed attempt to provide a segregated facility at any cost, no matter how poor the result (I cycle on the main carriageway there but appreciate that not all cyclists will want to). My recollection is that this was part of a scheme which, bizarrely, seemed to be designed to ADD space for parking for children to be driven to school! - I did question how the scheme was supposed to comply with the County Council's priority of "walking and cycling first" but didn't get a straight answer from them. In improving that area I would look at whether we really need to allocate road space for driving children to school, but as the current scheme was put in so recently I can't imagine the County being happy to spend money tearing it out again just yet.

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