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Question 7 - we asked:

National Cycle City Ambition funding has been focused on only a few areas nationwide. Do you think that it is better to focus funding on a few places as examples of what can be achieved, or do you think funding should be spread more evenly across the country?

We asked this question:

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(Conservative Party)

There should be an amount at least for each area. But if there are joint enterprises which could disproportionately benefit some areas there may be a case for differential funding.

Clive Kenneth SEMMENS
(Green Party)

It shouldn't be so much providing examples of what can be achieved, as running trials to see what works well. Once it's clear what works well, it should be rolled out widely as quickly as possible. Funding really shouldn't be an issue!
There is a wealth of relevant experience already - in countries like the Netherlands. They don't necessarily have experience relevant to every situation, of course

(Labour Party)

I am torn by this question. From a utilitarian point of view it makes sense to concentrate spending on areas where cycling is part of the culture.
In areas where there is no tradition of cycling providing physical infrastructure will not stimulate cycling unless there is parallel investment in 'soft infrastructure' of training, developing 'healthy transport' messages in schools and other measures to win hearts and minds. I would like to see this parallel approach tried in some non-cycling areas in order to see whether it would change the culture.

Jonathan Peter CHATFIELD
(Liberal Democrat)

It depends. There should be some funds available for all geographical areas, but as well I think it is good to prioritise funding into specific places so you can really see the difference that can be made. These towns and cities can then act as a beacon and example to others.

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