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Question 1 - we asked:

Cambridge Cycling Campaign has created a guide to cycling best-practice called Making Space For Cycling, endorsed by all national cycling organisations. Do you fully support this guide, and if so, what one principle in it do you think could most effectively be applied in your ward?

We asked this question:

4 of the 5 candidates (80%) who were asked this question responded as below.

Those candidate(s) which were elected are highlighted.

(Conservative Party)

Cycling benefits our health, reduces congestion and pollution so of course it is beneficial to make space for cycling where this is possible.

Clive Kenneth SEMMENS
(Green Party)

Yes; I've not just got a ward, I've got a whole constituency...what I need is some local Green councillors to worry about detailed local cycling issues; and what they need from me is support to get the funding...
(This is a general point about democracy in the UK: decision making is not sufficiently devolved to the appropriate level. Even when it is devolved locally, it's frequently not devolved to the accountable, democratically elected authorities.)

(Labour Party)

In those parts of SE Cambridgeshire close to Cambridge cycling provision is generally better than in and around Ely, Soham, Newmarket, Linton and their surrounding villages.

The routes from catchment villages into the village colleges need urgent attention. These are generally fast roads, with heavy commuter traffic at peak hours. Some of these routes are narrow country lanes with no footpaths or cycle provision. The princle of giving people space to cycle is step one.

Jonathan Peter CHATFIELD
(Liberal Democrat)

I support the 'Making Space for Cycling' guide. As a keen cyclist myself, I think it is packed with helpful advice and information. We need more spaces for people to safely lock and leave their bikes.

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