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Question 8 - we asked:

One of the major benefits of people cycling is decreased costs to healthcare budgets. Do you think money for building cycle routes should also come from health budgets ?

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3 of the 5 candidates (60%) who were asked this question responded as below.

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Heidi Suzanne ALLEN
(Conservative Party)

No - it should be separately funded as it is also linked to transport. The health budget is stretched enough already.

Daniel GREEF
(Labour Party)

No. Health care should be protected and there to provide the best treatment when we all need it. Taking pressure off health budgets makes the NHS better for all of us and means it can continue to provide high quality health care for everyone. Cycling is a very important aspect of how to make people healthier and I would like to see the NHS promote it more.

Sebastian Gerald Molesworth KINDERSLEY
(Liberal Democrat)

I think probably not. Healthcare budgets are reduced now almost to addressing the immediate issues only rather than planning for prevention for obvious reasons. Building cycle infrastructure is expensive and so needs to be funded properly - City Deal, S106, CIL etc rather than tapping into seriously stressed healthcare budgets. Happy to be convinced otherwise tho.

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