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Question 6 - we asked:

HGVs pose a disproportionate risk to people on bikes due to size and restricted visibility. What would you do to reduce the danger posed by these vehicles?

We asked this question:

3 of the 5 candidates (60%) who were asked this question responded as below.

Those candidate(s) which were elected are highlighted.

Heidi Suzanne ALLEN
(Conservative Party)

Work with local HGV firms to ensure their drivers are following the right route - not the route their satnav sends them, They need to stay away from narrow village roads.

Daniel GREEF
(Labour Party)

I have been working with parents in Whittlesford concerned about HGVs driving past their primary school at drop off and pick up times. The depot and I came to an arrangement that they wouldn’t drive down during these times. I think this shows how co-operation with companies around road access can be achieved. In particular having certain roads closed to HGV traffic between certain times.

Sebastian Gerald Molesworth KINDERSLEY
(Liberal Democrat)

I think driver education would be a big help. I think the signs that you see more and more on lorries warning cyclists that they could be in danger are a useful reminder that it's not a safe environment. Segregation is the ideal here but we need to face the reality of the road network.

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