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Question 5 - we asked:

The Netherlands spends over £20 head on cycling annually. Should we try to match this, or should we be spending much more to catch up?

We asked this question:

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Heidi Suzanne ALLEN
(Conservative Party)

Since 2010 spend per head has increased from £2 to £6. Target is to reach £10, I suspect £20 nationally is ambitious in the current economic climate. However Cambs has already received additional funds in the form of the £500m City Deal - some of which will be spent on cycling projects.

Daniel GREEF
(Labour Party)

I agree that we should match it. There is an economic, health and social argument for encouraging cycling. If £20 per head spending were to enable a paradigm shift then this would be well worth the investment.

Sebastian Gerald Molesworth KINDERSLEY
(Liberal Democrat)

I think it would be great to match it - any more would be fantastic but assuming we can ensure all new developments are properly delivered (which itself is a big ask) retrofitting cycle provision is difficult and of course expensive. However, we do need to balance the limited pot which has many calls on it.

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