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Question 2 - we asked:

What experience do you and your family have of cycling? Do you have any different concerns about younger or older family members cycling than you do yourself?

We asked this question:

3 of the 5 candidates (60%) who were asked this question responded as below.

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Heidi Suzanne ALLEN
(Conservative Party)

Being honest, I don't cycle though my father would think nothing of cycling from Leeds to Manchester and back in a day! Cycling is of course great for health, but I do wonder if it will be possible to get the older members of our communities back in the saddle.

Daniel GREEF
(Labour Party)

I am a keen cyclist and have partaken in many long distance bike rides each summer around the Cambridge/Suffolk and Norfolk countryside. Two summers ago I cycled from Norwich to Kings Lynn. It was a wonderful way to see the countryside and was a personal achievement. I worry however that younger cyclitsts would not be able to cycle around South Cambs for fear of the narrowness of some roads. Gt Shelford to Sawston is a good example of the cycle path and a busy road meeting with only 10cm gap and no barrier. 170 children use this route each day, I don't think this is safe and have publicly said so.

Sebastian Gerald Molesworth KINDERSLEY
(Liberal Democrat)

Just me, I'm afraid. My cycling experience is average. Obviously different ages deliver different concerns - which is why safety on cycle ways and properly built and safe cycle routs are so important.

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