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Question 4 - we asked:

What would you do to improve cycle parking in the city centre?

We asked this question in all 14 wards, namely: Abbey, Arbury, Castle, Cherry Hinton, Coleridge, East Chesterton, King's Hedges, Market, Newnham, Petersfield, Queen Edith's, Romsey, Trumpington, West Chesterton.

45 of the 65 candidates (69%) who were asked this question responded as below.

Those candidate(s) which were elected are highlighted.

(Conservative Party)

This is hard to do when money is tight. I would work with college bursars to provide more visitor parking in colleges. I would work to ensure cycles are not abandoned or parked permanently. I would continue to keep cycle parking a crucial part of any development, and would look at intensification options (e.g racking) where possible.

(Conservative Party)

Provision of more cycle racks wherever practical

Andrew James BOWER
(Conservative Party)

More of the same is needed. And then some more.

The recent additions to cycle parking are very welcome.

One caveat I would make is that it was once observed to me that all the additional cycle parking on Trumpington Street got taken up by Catz students, so that the removal of car parking (that for one thing was useful for customers of the former cycle shop) was for nothing. Perhaps we need to encourage colleges to make better cycle parking available and accessible for their members so that new installations like that are more effective for people visiting the centre of town.

For all that it might make theoretical sense to have high capacity off-street cycle parking like at the Grand Arcade or Park Street (and this certainly is a good idea), the reality is that most people are going to want to, expect to, and try by any means to, park on the street close to their destination, and I think we need to accommodate that as much as possible.

Daniel Jacob JOHN
(Conservative Party)

Where possible I would like to see additional cycle parking, although I am aware that there is a lot of competition for space within the city centre. I would also like the City Council and University to co-ordinate to have joint bike “culls” where abandoned bicycles are removed, after sufficient warning has been provided.

Simon Anthony MITTON
(Conservative Party)

This is badly needed, obviously. However it requires public money and there may be less of that. I suspect the long term solution may be to ban motorised traffic altogether and open up everything for pedestrians and cyclists in the space created. I would ask College Bursars to be more pro-active in providing Visitor Parking for cycles within their College.

(Conservative Party)

A lot has already been done. Where there continues to be a problem with cycles, more cycle rails should be provided. What has happened to the cycle parking at the station? This should be reinstated.

Philip Paul BARNETT
(Green Party)

I would support the conversion of a proportion of car parking space into cycle parking space, as there are clear advantages in numbers – 10 car spaces (10-20 people on average) or 80 people on bikes. I'm quite against 'high capacity' cycle parking, following the many shortcomings revealed by the dual cycle racks at the station – I believe they are discriminatory to the frailer members of society, as the upper tiers are inaccessible without a certain amount of upper body strength, and also they are not designed for anything other than very standard bikes – no tricycles, no trailers, and, most damagingly, no baskets. Sheffield stands are far preferable.

Martin Julian BONNER
(Green Party)

Ensure developers provide more of it (I think the failure to insist on adequate cycle parking at the development on Hills Road/Cherry Hinton Road a few years ago was shameful). Provide more parking on the streets as funds are available.

(Green Party)

A third city centre cycle park would make a real difference as well as even more high-capacity cycle parking at the City Railway Station. Despite increased capacity there is still not enough space to park at the station and now measures are being introduced to confiscate any bikes left along the side road of the station by the bus stops. When the high-capacity racks are often full my mid-morning sometimes there is no alternative. Further bike parking space in King's Parade would also be useful.

(Green Party)

The recent spate of new cycle parking has been a joy to behold. But there is still more to be done. It would be very useful for cyclists to be able to log with the Council where they struggle to park. Long and short stay parking could be signalled (it would be difficult to regulate). All new building developments must have a clear directive to install cycle parking. And essentially, cycle parking must be regarded as equally if not more important than car parking - certainly on street car parking. Every effort must be continued to be made to reduce motor traffic out of the city centre so that more space can be given over to cycles. Public use bikes at fringe site car parks should be investigated - with designated parking for them in the centre; shops and businesses should continue to be pressed on supporting these changes. The comment made by the Council, reported in your newsletter, about car parking providing a revenue at a time of cuts gives the lie to austerity. As your campaign makes quite clear, improving cycling infrastructure has benefits to all the city, including economic benefits and it takes investment to ensure everyone is best served. Under duress of ideologically-led cutbacks, opportunities still arise to make the most of the resources available - and this involves making different decisions to old established norms rather than trying to shoe-horn them in.

Angela Kalinzi DITCHFIELD
(Green Party)

Ensure new developments or employers include cycle provision in their planning applications.
Dedicate more space to cycle parking including at the rail and bus stations, so cycling can be coordinated with public transport. I welcome the spaces in the car parks.
I agree with Joel Chalfen's suggestion for cyclists to be able to log with the Council where they struggle to park, so we could then seek to target these places.

Ceri Barbara GALLOWAY
(Green Party)

Parking in City Centre has indeed been increase recently in many of the areas as suggested in previous year. However more parking is needed outside John Lewis, outside Emmanuel College close to the Arts Picturehouse and close to the coach park and school on Parker Piece. This could be improved by asking John Lewis to provide parking in the Ground Floor of the shop in the underused entrance hall on Downing Street (not the main entrance on Downing Street). Getting rid of the display windows that are not very eye caching or visual and building off street parking for customers freeing up the parking space along the windows that can create dangers for visually impaired pedestrians. Emmanuel College could make a new gate in their park in the area closest to the Arts Picturehouse and open the garden making it into a public park and offer increased cycle parking for the public in this area. It would be possible to provide parking on Parkers Piece on the grass next to the railings without putting down concrete so keeping the area grass covered. This area is never too wet to park a bike on. It can be very difficult to find a place to park here when catching buses. It is important to integrate public transport with cycling.

Oscar Edward GILLESPIE
(Green Party)

I have talked about cycle parking a bit in question 1 already. I agree strongly with the newsletter, especially the concern about high-capacity stands. I would prefer to see more Sheffield stands interspersed throughout the city centre, as I worry that many people don't know about the underground cycle parks.

To come back to my point about people leaving bicycles where they obstruct the pavement - it feels as if someone should be going around affixing cardboard tags to these that say "You might not realise it, but your bike is blocking the pavement. If someone wanted to come this way with a wheelchair or push chair, they would have to move out onto the road to avoid your bike. Do you know that there's a large bicycle park on Park Street, a short distance away from here? A map is attached."

Monica HONE
(Green Party)

I certainly agree that Cambridge needs more cycle parking, and I would work hard to provide more cycle parking wherever it is needed.

(Green Party)

I would encourage more provision of cycle parking near Parkers Piece and King's Parade.

Har Hari KAUR
(Green Party)

Excellent suggestions, I have used the park street cycle park and agree that another is needed. The busy part of town I find is where Next is and I wonder whether there might be space for more bike locks there.

Stephen Roger LAWRENCE
(Green Party)

A big problem - I'll put the third covered bike park on the table and leave it at that.

(Green Party)

Clearly more space is needed for bicycles in the city centre, especially if we are to incentivise alternatives to car use. It may be in some instances that areas for cycle parking could be expanded (around Parker’s piece for example), however, we are probably looking at needing another few hubs of cycle parking in the centre over the next couple of years. As councillor, I would look to investigate and engage in consultation with local groups to find appropriate spaces.

Peter Harry POPE
(Green Party)

More of it, with CCTV. My bike was stolen from Trumpington Street in broad daylight.


Cycle racks could be better designed to accommodate 4 bikes per rack rather than 2, in the same space. The ridiculous design by the Grand Arcade should go in an art gallery where absurd but 'pretty' things are stored. On the pavement we need practical and functional cycle locking points where you can lock securely to the wheels and the frame, not 'pretty (useless)' designs. It is not rocket science! Locations need to be where people NEED to be, not miles away (as at the Cambridge south station). Abandoned bikes need to be removed every month not once in a blue moon.

Gerri BIRD
(Labour Party)

I welcome the new bike racks. I have been campaigning about accessibility for all in the city centre for years and better bike parking. I have been campaigning about accessibility for all in the city centre for years and better bike parking facilities are important to help keep pavements clear for wheelchair users or those who are less mobile or with sight problems. Last year I finally managed to get the City Centre Access Review study done as well which I hope has raised awareness for everyone.one thing I don't want happening is disabled parking bay taken away and replace with cycle racks as there are only a few around the city.

(Labour Party)

The City Council committed to providing 1,000 new cycle rack spaces two years ago with cross party support.I think we've installed about 650 thus far.It's a matter of finding suitable locations in a busy bustling area.All suggestions welcomed.

Nick GAY
(Labour Party)

The station is the worst problem and the current planned provision is inadequate and in conevnient. Colleges should also improve facilities so that all students can have a space.

Danielle GREEN
(Labour Party)

I thnk it's great that the Cyclepoint (which will have provision for 3000 bikes) is finally being built at the Rail Station. I think it will make a huge difference.

We also need to encourage employers to provide adequate cycle parking for their employees.

There is a clear need for more cycle parking in the centre, so we need to investigate more secure parking areas in the city.

(Labour Party)

Probably have more of it, but also make it smarter. The design of cycle parking matters. To give just one example, you often see a two bicycle rack clustered with three or four, when a slightly longer rack could have fitted in the space which is allocated for those cycles. It means that one type of cycle parking design might not be the best for every space.

(Labour Party)

More of it! I love the recently installed city centre racks, though I was initially cautious about the design. In fact they've worked really well, but some of them have filled up really quickly. I'd like to see the same quality elsewhere and I'm aiming to work closely with city centre businesses to encourage them to provide more cycle parking themselves. High quality cycle racks benefit all city centre users as people are much happier to use them, and that helps general accessibility for those who struggle to manoeuvre around the city centre.

(Labour Party)

The City Council is investing in better cycle parking but I think many
employers could also provide better facilities to encourage their own
employees to cycle in and any new developments must have really good
provision from the start. Getting bikes off the streets also helps
pedestrians and the disabled navigate the city centre where some pavements
are really narrow.

(Labour Party)

There is a great shortage of cycle parking both in the City Centre and elsewhere in Cambridge. The accessibility review being carried out by the City Council needs to look for further opportunities for cycle parking which would ensure that there is less for ad hoc cycle parking which can impede access for others.

Patrick SHEIL
(Labour Party)

I would campaign for more rack space in key locations. In some places there may be a case for two-level style racks like the ones outside Heffers and to the left of the Guildhall. However, I do also accept that high-capacity stands are only appropriate on occasion, and that the classic Sheffield stand offers the greatest ease of access (especially at times of the day or week when the stands are nearing capacity). There should be a presumption that retailers and banks (e.g. the NatWest at the top of St Andrew's Street and Sainsbury's) will not reduce cycle parking.

(Labour Party)

It is brilliant to see the significant progress that has been made in recent years in cycle provision. I have certainly noticed the difference when I cycle into town. However, I would like to see this developed even further. I often struggle to find a space and agree with CCC that places such as Parker’s Piece and King's parade could be better-served.

We need to address any possible issues which may arise from the redesign of Park Street car park, and I will be monitoring this closely. I also agree that we could develop the use of large bike parks in the same complexes as the car parks. I also want to see City Centre parking used appropriately. As a result, I will oppose attempts by developers to use nearby public cycle parking as a reason for not providing adequate parking on their own sites.

As someone who has basically given up trying to park my bike at the station, it is good to see a planned much-expanded provision of bikes for Cambridge Station. I will want to lobby for even more if that becomes needed. I also think it is a great pity that a link from the cycle park to the bridge does not seem to be given a priority, as it would be convenient and ease flow through the station, especially at busy times.

(Labour Party)

The university should be asked to facilitate colleges sharing their cycle parks with students from other colleges, so that students cycling into the city centre can park there. This would reduce pressure on cycle parking in public areas.

I'd like to see the ground floors of the city's (few) multi-storey car parks turned over to cycle parking. One problem in Cambridge city centre is there are few if any large cycle parks where you can be reasonably assured of getting a space.

Donald Marshall ADEY
(Liberal Democrat)

Continue the extra provision on good quality cycle parking.

(Liberal Democrat)

With the recent new cycle spaces in the centre, there is now a good level of cycle parking in the city centre, although of course there could always be more. I would be in favour of adding more cycle parking to the approaches to the city centre - around Parkers Piece, King Street, around Bridge Street, and along Trumpington Street.

(Liberal Democrat)

I find that secure cycle parking is an issue in Cambridge. The Grand Arcade underground cycle parking is great but often so busy, it is impossible to secure a place (especially on weekends). In my view any new large scale project, should be required to provide secure cycle parking. The city should consider converting some of the car parking space into better cycle parking.

Valerie Margaret HOLT
(Liberal Democrat)

I am most impressed with the bike parking at the station but the only practical way to improve city centre parking is to take over part of the car parking space and insert the same kit as at the station. There are too many bikes strapped to lamp-posts and too many are stolen.

Nichola Jayne MARTIN
(Liberal Democrat)

Although there is a good amount of cycle parking, there is a lack of secure parking and covered parking in Cambridge.

Zoe Imogen O'CONNELL
(Liberal Democrat)

Converting car spaces to cycle parking works well, as it allows a cycle parking to be distributed throughout an area - ensuring there is usually somewhere close to your destination to be able to park, as well as making it easier for someone less familiar with Cambridge to be able to easily find somewhere.

Planning requirements can also be used to ensure adequate cycle parking is provided by private business.

George Gregory PIPPAS
(Liberal Democrat)

As a City Councillor I supported my party the Lib Dems which is constantly striving to help carry on the successful program the Cycle Campaign begun by allocating additional spaces for Cycles, where possible locations come to light. The last time, If memory serves me right it was just outside the city Council we pedestrianized part of the road outside the theater and we installed facilities for Cycling.
I help indirectly with every large planning application that comes before us in planning committee by looking for bicycle storage facilities on site.

Shahida RAHMAN
(Liberal Democrat)

Build on the recent additions to cycle parking in the city centre by trying to make sure that all cycle parking is removed temporarily by e.g. developments, is replace at least like for like. Work to make sure that extra cycle racks are seen as a benefit to residents, and not regarded as street clutter. I want to closely monitor the racks that went into Romsey to see if they are welcomed, and possibly look at locations in East Chesterton.

(Liberal Democrat)

The recent project to provide 600 new cycle parking spaces in the city centre was my idea, and I led the project. If re-elected to the council I would complete this project, and progress the provision of further cycle parking within the Lion Yard car park, or seen an alternative should that have run into the sand. I would also ensure the provision of no less cycle parking than there is at present when the Park St car park is redeveloped.

It seems to me that the focus on cycle parking could now move outside the city centre, as there are some residential areas, such as Romsey Town, which appear to suffer from a lack of cycle parking. I would expect my next big cycling project, when funding is available (which it always is, sooner or later, for modest one-off capital projects), to be rolling out hundreds of additional parking spaces in residential areas where these are needed.

(Liberal Democrat)

When the Lib Dems controlled the City Council, they introduced a range of innovative new bike parking schemes in the city centre, with the effect of creating 600 bike spaces. I'm keen to ensure, as a Councillor, that this programme is continued and that a third purpose-built cycle park is built in the city centre - for example, Post Office Terrace (tucked away in the middle of the city by Lion Yard). It's also essential that we ensure the Park Street Car Park redevelopment results in the creation of more spaces in the city centre, not fewer.

Candido Sebastian CHANNELL
(UK Independence Party)

There is a lot of places to lock your bike up now but the problem I think is the fact that cycle crime goes unpunished, so I'm very much up for cycle parks but for me the sucurity is the issue as well as a police clamp down on bike thieves.

(UK Independence Party)

No Comment

Alex Jeffery CROWSON
(UK Independence Party)

The issue here is space, you could have cycling parking centres which charges cyclists £1 per hour to park. The money made will not go to fat cats at the city council- but will go to improving cycling in Cambridge. more street lights, more education for kids, and more cycle lanes.

Richard Graham JEFFS
(UK Independence Party)

The basement level of Park Street car park is a good example, we need more of the same.
Car parking spaces should be swapped for secure cycle parking. People coming in to Cambridge to shop should be using the Park & Ride wherever possible.
I would also like to see "Boris Bikes" around the city.

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