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Question 20 - we asked:

Do you support allowing two-way cycling throughout the Newtown area, in conjunction with other measures to sort out the traffic problems in the area?

We asked this question only in Trumpington.

5 of the 5 candidates (100%) who were asked this question responded as below.

Those candidate(s) which were elected are highlighted.

Daniel Jacob JOHN
(Conservative Party)

I would in principle support two-way cycling throughout Newtown but practically I would need to evaluate the different possible solutions for an area which has quite narrow streets before deciding it was definitely the best solution. I would expect that a contraflow cycle lane would be appropriate but would need to understand the detail of the widths of the road, cycle lane and parking provision before providing full backing.

Ceri Barbara GALLOWAY
(Green Party)

Yes to two way cycling for cycling only on Panton Street from Lensfield Road but not for cars. Residents are keen that cars are not using this street as a rat run as it causes increase in pollution, reduces their quality of life in terms of safety and ease of using the street for play and create problems with resident personal parking and parking for services providers e.g. gasman/carpenters/builders etc. Exploration of a 20 mile an hour home zone set up with priority for cycling, pedestrians and greening of the space and good local consultation with a win win approach and all stake holders involved. This needs to be blended with a solution for residents parking and management of the school run.

Nick GAY
(Labour Party)


Zoe Imogen O'CONNELL
(Liberal Democrat)

On many roads I would support this, but not throughout the area because not all the roads in Newtown are wide enough to support this safely, visibility at junctions is often be poor and there is little scope to change this - we would hardly be encouraging cycling if we made it more dangerous. A full study including consultation with cyclists and local residents is needed, along with ways of making the more useful routes more obvious and desirable to cyclists.

Richard Graham JEFFS
(UK Independence Party)

I think that cyclists should be able to go the wrong way down some one-way streets, giving way to approaching cars, but only with clear signage.

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