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Question 19 - we asked:

Do you regard the domination of footways in Romsey by cars as a problem?

We asked this question only in Romsey.

3 of the 4 candidates (75%) who were asked this question responded as below.

Those candidate(s) which were elected are highlighted.

(Green Party)

In some Romsey streets the parking of cars on footways can make the pavements extremely difficult to navigate especially if this is combined with rubbish bins on collection days. I have frequently seen mothers with buggies or wheelchair users have to leave the footways and go on the road.

(Labour Party)

Narrow footways represent one of the biggest issues that residents raise to myself and my Labour colleagues throughout the year on our regular canvassing sessions around the ward. I have walked around the ward on crutches on several occasions, at which point I had to walk in road because of lack of space on the pavement. Wheelchair users and residents with buggies have a particular problem.

There is a need for residents to store their cars, but the same residents also want to park their bikes and walk easily around the streets. Cycle parking projects, like the one in Thoday Street, have been successful in combining the two (and reducing concerns about bike parking blocking the pavements), and it would be good to see more of this. We also need to work hard to ensure that bins are not left out in the street, something I know my council colleagues are already looking into.

I would be keen to meet with residents and other key groups to talk about this further, if elected, to explore possible solutions which reflect the needs and wishes of local people.

Donald Marshall ADEY
(Liberal Democrat)


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