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Question 16 - we asked:

What will you do to improve safe walking and cycling access to Addenbrooke’s Hospital?

We asked this question in these 2 wards: Queen Edith's, Trumpington.

10 of the 10 candidates (100%) who were asked this question responded as below.

Those candidate(s) which were elected are highlighted.

Andrew James BOWER
(Conservative Party)

A major problem with cycling access to the hospitals site is the lack of cycle parking. Worse, some has actually been removed. I intend to put pressure on them to improve this situation as it is key to enabling sustainable transport to the site. It should feature in conditions for future planning consent.

Red Cross Lane needs general improvement as a key entrance to the site. I already commented on proposals for the upgrade of the main roundabout to ensure the cycle lane was retained and the planning officer seems to have paid attention to such representations.

There should be a complete review of all cycle access points and routes through the site to maximise cycling by employees and visitors as it doesn't seem to be a priority.

Daniel Jacob JOHN
(Conservative Party)

I would like to see the South Area Committee become a little more proactive in being involved with development nearby Addenbrooke’s. It appeared that the Committee found out very late about changes to the roundabout which seems to reduce cycling access rather than improve it.

In addition I would seek better long term planning of investment into cycle infrastructure so that cycle routes into the site are improved.

Similarly for walking access, I would like to see greater attention paid to the state of the nearby pavements around Addenbrooke’s.

(Green Party)

Councillor Moore has taken a significant lead on this project and his concern and commitment are to be commended. The whole planning process has clearly been very poor to say the least but it does seem that the latest proposals are finally getting the point. This is all still in process of course and I hope the current proposals will overcome the greatest part of the dangers here. But clearly there is a major role to be played by councillors in keeping the ball rolling - here as elsewhere - and should I be in a position to inform that process (the public have had no room for influence) I would certainly ascertain that the best situation has indeed been reached.

Ceri Barbara GALLOWAY
(Green Party)

Entrance to the main Addenbrookes entrance requires a dedicated segregated cycle path on both sides of the road leading up and around the internal and external roundabouts with a dedicated crossing for cycles on the Wandlebury side of the roundabout so the cycle path behind the bus station can be used more easily and a different pedestrian access to the bus station and on the opposite side of the bus station to take some land away from the car parking to provide off road cycling.
All Lorries and buses entering the hospital area should have extra mirrors that help them to see cyclists or not be allowed to enter as required in London.
A dedicated entrance to Addenbrookes for Lorries to be explored by county and hospital planners. No more external waste to the hospital.
15 mile an hour limit for the guided buses coming from Adenbrookes to the station to be enforced where cyclists cross on to cycle path.

Nick GAY
(Labour Party)

Wider, better segregated routes along both Long Rd and Hills Rd, better traffic signals at junction and roundabout.

(Labour Party)

More cycling parking at the hospital is essential.

As for the access routes, I think we are all waiting to see whether the proposed revisions to the road layout deliver. I'm happy to say I'll wait and see and if the changes do make meaningful improvements I'll be the first to recognise that.

But better communication around the planning process is essential to ensure that people actually understand what is proposed and how they can make input into it.

Residents, many of whom are cyclists, consistently tell me that planning decisions and changes to road layouts are communicated in an opaque and technocratic manner. This certainly applied to the removal of the verges and installation of new cycle lanes in Hills Road.

I will ensure communication is improved, and I will work to provide a better link between residents and decision-making bodies like South Area Committee, which currently inspires little confidence.

Zoe Imogen O'CONNELL
(Liberal Democrat)

Improved safety on the Guided Busway for cyclists and pedestrians where they come into conflict with buses is vital. This can by provided via improved lighting, signage and lines of visibility.

George Gregory PIPPAS
(Liberal Democrat)

I have spent nearly four years on this issue trying to improve pedestrian and cycle access in and out of Addenbrookes. The new plan that was approved by the planning committee this month incorporates all the improvements we have asked for. We have approved a roundabout design that offers a win-win access for both the Cyclists and the pedestrians. We have managed to improve the access for the people with mobility problems by installing four pedestrian crossings on each approach to the roundabout. These crossings will have sensors that would only allow the light to change only when the slow moving person has managed to cross safely to the other side.
The Cyclists will have at the traffic lights boxes marked on the road to enable them to safely take the appropriate lane safely and give a head start from the rest of the traffic. See page 31and 32 that show all the improvements using the link below.

Candido Sebastian CHANNELL
(UK Independence Party)

I also use this on ocation, it is hard to police I feel that possibly a few well placed signs could help to insure people stick to the side of the path there supposed to be on could help, I understand we have to cut back spending in today's world but I am one of the converted when it comes to cycling, and I really would push hard on all things cycling. I have also noticed the solar lights could do with sorting out, I would not be happy if my lights packed up on the way to Sawston going down that path!

Richard Graham JEFFS
(UK Independence Party)

The Addenbrookes roundabout needs some sort of safe crossing, maybe pedestrian bridges over a sunken roundabout? The council really has neglected Cambridge's infrastructure, especially with development happening so quickly. Solutions always seen to be short-sighted patches.

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