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Question 13 - we asked:

How would you encourage people to cycle to the science and business parks and new train station along Milton Road?

We asked this question in these 3 wards: East Chesterton, King's Hedges, West Chesterton.

10 of the 16 candidates (63%) who were asked this question responded as below.

Those candidate(s) which were elected are highlighted.

(Conservative Party)

If elected I will encourage the formation of dedicated cycle lane on or beside all arterial roads in and out of Cambridge, including Milton Road.

[Additional comments at end of letter:]

I hope this is helpful. As a resident of Cambridge I am concerned about all traffic issues. Car drivers, cyclists, pedestrians, all need facilities that are safe for them to use. Cyclists often feel threatened by motor traffic, but cyclists must respect the rules of the road and not jump lights, barge out across incoming traffic, give clear signals and respect others. Also they should realise when they ride without lights in the dusk and dark that they put others in danger as well as themselves.

Angela Kalinzi DITCHFIELD
(Green Party)

I think making Kings Hedges/Green End Road crossroads an exemplar junction is a great idea.
I definitely want to see the issue of 'disappearing cycle lanes' dealt with, so it is clear continuously where cyclists should go, and that they have priority at side-roads. I think the other suggestions in the newsletter sound sensible, the Mitchams' corner one would perhaps need further investigation/consultation but is an interesting idea.
It would certainly feel much pleasanter cycling along with a row of trees between the cycle lane and the cars or buses, which I think would encourage people to use it.

Har Hari KAUR
(Green Party)

Very good ideas in the newsletter. As a cyclist and if I was elected I would like to go over them in more detail with you with a view to endorse them. I really hate those junctions like woodhead where you're not entirely sure who has right of way. It makes cycling very slow, and cycling on Milton road itself is much quicker, which is dangerous and not to be encouraged.

But meanwhile my bias would be to shift route as you mention in the newsletter, green end road, St. Andrews, riverside bridge, fort st George etc. It's a good point to get cyclists to build in time for their journey. This will make their day brighter and could even end up saving their lives.

Peter Harry POPE
(Green Party)

Implement your proposals for Milton Road.


I would encourage them NOT to use Milton Road!

The bus lane should be in the centre, not on the southbound side, so it would be easier to overtake.

I would change priority at all side roads so that cyclists on the footpath have priority over the cars emerging from side roads.

I would prefer to use the cycle path alongside the busway and extend the Chisholm Trail such that most cyclists could avoid Milton Road. We need alternative cycle accesses into the Science Park from the busway to avoid Milton Road.

Gerri BIRD
(Labour Party)

The access to the new station from Moss Bank needs to be right for cyclists and pedestrians. We also need to get safety improvements to the level crossing on Fen Road. This has been ignored by Network Rail and the County for years and little account has been taken of the needs of either cyclists or pedestrians beyond the crossing in the plans for the new station. There doesn't seem to be much joined up thinking going on about transport links even in major developments and a lot of piecemeal work so getting a far better strategic overview of the bridge, the station, the Chisholm Trail, and what we need for public transport, cycling and pedestrians would be the ideal. Also making the ramp easy for wheelchairs to use the bridge, with a self propelling wheelchairs as we can't use any of the bridges.

(Labour Party)

I would encourage use of the cycle route along the guided busway. We will
need to ensure that the plans for Milton Road under the City Deal actually
improve conditions for cyclists using it. Also the plans for the new
station and for regenerating the whole area around it need to make sure
that very good cycling and pedestrian routes are planned in from the

(Labour Party)

The City Deal project for improved bus priority on Milton Road needs to also ensure that there is a full cycleway on both sides of the road. The current dual use is patchy and I would prefer segregated cycle lanes while also meeting the other priorities including retaining the residential nature of the road.

Shahida RAHMAN
(Liberal Democrat)

The number one reason people give for not cycling is fear of traffic. I fully support the bridge which is also relevant to this. It is important to reduce traffic in the area and also commuter parking. Employers should also encourage their employees to cycle to work. This should be done via incentives to cycle and good secure cycle parking and changing facilities, rather than just punative measures to prevent people driving. Promoting car sharing is also in cyclists interests as it reduces the number of cars on the road.
We also need to make sure the network rail access track parallel to Cowley Road is used as a cycle access to avoid cyclists having to use Cowley Road itself.

(UK Independence Party)

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