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Question 11 - we asked:

Do you approve of the proposals for Cherry Hinton High Street? If not, what measures would you like to see here?

We asked this question only in Cherry Hinton.

2 of the 5 candidates (40%) who were asked this question responded as below.

Those candidate(s) which were elected are highlighted.

Philip Paul BARNETT
(Green Party)

The designs for the High Street are flawed, and I don't support them. I'd like to see better cycle provision, the cycle lanes are too narrow, and I'd actually prefer to see the High Street closed to through traffic, at, say the railway crossing. This would have a substantial traffic calming effect which would in turn improve road conditions for all, including local motor vehicle traffic.

Alex Jeffery CROWSON
(UK Independence Party)

I approve but do worry about the cost, since the council does not have enough funding from Central government...the only way to get the money to increase Council Tax which is a rip off as it is.

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