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Question 10 - we asked:

The North-West Cambridge development will increase the number of people cycling along the Coton path, Madingley Road and Huntingdon Road into the city centre. What do you think needs to be done to cope with additional demand on busy routes?

We asked this question in these 2 wards: Castle, Newnham.

7 of the 8 candidates (88%) who were asked this question responded as below.

Those candidate(s) which were elected are highlighted.

Simon Anthony MITTON
(Conservative Party)

Coton Path needs a major upgrade

Martin Julian BONNER
(Green Party)

I don't know. I quite agree that improvements will be needed, but I don't know what at the moment. Suggestions will be gratefully received.

(Green Party)

It's quite unclear how one is meant to safely cycle on Madingley Road - particularly with the developments going on. The cycle route here needs to be much more clearly signposted. It's also a bit confusing which roads cyclists are permitted on and which they are not, e.g. when an A-road becomes a dual carriageway there needs to be warning that the road will shortly become unsafe. There need to be clearer cycle routes between Cambridge and the outlying villages so that the car/bus is not the only possible means of transport.

(Labour Party)

I'm very happy to hear suggestions from the experts, and people who regularly use the routes, on this one. Increased development always needs to take account - not just of the things being built - but how a new built environment will be served by local amenities and public services, including all forms of transport, especially cycling.

Patrick SHEIL
(Labour Party)

I would look at putting cycle warning signs up (for motorists) ahead of the junctions on Madingley Road (e.g. Hedgerley Close, Bulstrode Gardens, Wilberforce Road and Grange Road) to alert motorists to cyclists passing in front of them. I would make attempts to slow down traffic at the complex junction by the Travellers' Rest on upper Huntingdon Road with private turn-offs on the left (coming from Cambridge) and Whitehouse Lane and the Hotel Felix on the right. I would give better warning to motorists leaving Cambridge of cyclists turning across the road to go into Howes Place / Lawrence Weaver Road / Yeoman Drive and similar. I would want to have plans in place for scheduled maintenance of and possible upgrades to the Coton path, including attention to the surfacing on the stretch that goes past the old Cavendish Laboratory. I would want the findings of the *Cycle Safety In Storey's Way: Problems and Solutions* report prepared by Nick and Sue Finer, Harriet Gillett and Dr Phil Trathan to be circulated and acted upon in the light of the massive increases in traffic that will result from the North West Cambridge Development, the West Cambridge Development and the NIAB Site Development. You can contact me (mothdomains@fastmail.fm) for a copy of this report or send an email to cyclingstoreysway@gmail.com and request one. There should be training on the societal value of cycling for Stagecoach bus drivers. It should be easy to implement; after all, at present - for better or for worse - there is only one company. Lorry drivers' accreditation ought to include an understanding of where their blind spots are. Delivery van companies should be contacted and given information about what is expected. I would write to the police urging that the onus of responsibility in collisions be on whichever vehicle is faster. In general, I would want to urge mutual respect between cyclists, pedestrians and those using mobility vehicles and would counsel care and attention in road use, following the Highway Code and humane consideration for other road users by all parties.

(Liberal Democrat)

These routes need to be changed providing for special cycle lanes, so as to provide secure and easy to use cycle transit.

Valerie Margaret HOLT
(Liberal Democrat)

I have suggested that consideration is given to introducing a one-way traffic system such a that used in Johannesburg. They have large swinging red traffic lights that allow traffic to flow in one way in the morning and change to flow out the opposite way in the afternoon. The road changes width to allow a much wider cycle route which reverts to a wider road once the rush hour is over. On road parking must be revised to take cars off the roadside and to facilitate vision of both pedestrians and cyclists.

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