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Question 6 - we asked:

We want a more transparent process of collision reconstruction, regular updates and statistical analysis of bike-related collisions and thefts, and a concerted effort, together with other agencies, to reduce collisions involving cyclists. How would you work towards these?

We asked this question:

6 of the 7 candidates (86%) who were asked this question responded as below.

Those candidate(s) which were elected are highlighted.

(Conservative Party)

Yes again. It is an operational matter. It does take up manpower but I am a great believer in having a blitz so that all road users and pedestrians are aware that if they cause accidents, they can be held responsible.

(English Democrats)

This is a matter for the police on the ground, but they currently don't have the resources they needs and if a candidate from the mainstream parties gets the job there will be no new thinking and the same old platitudes. For REAL change on November 15, please support me.


This is a highly detailed question that is difficult to answer without greater insight into existing processes. My response to Q5 covers to a certain extent and I would of course support any ideas that reduce road accidents whether involving cyclists or otherwise. Groups such as yours can be the standard-bearer for any improvements that are required and the police would be just one element of a co-ordinated effort.

(Labour Party)

This will be done through the Community Safety Ppartnerships with a target to reduce collisions. Unless the car candidate wins.

(Liberal Democrat)

The partnership working with other agencies is key here, particularly the ambulance trust, the Fire and Rescue service and the County Council. Working with them to drive down collisions and thefts is another way to gain overall efficiences. By working together the various services can contribute without duplicating effort.

(UK Independence Party)

This again is down to the police but I once again state my determination to be the go between and help sort out any issues. Fundamentally, however, theft is theft and crime is crime and they must all be treated with the seriousness of which they are due.

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