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Question 5 - we asked:

How will you ensure that those affected by bad driving, be it careless, inconsiderate, or dangerous driving, get a full and proper response from the police? We continually hear of cyclists who are fobbed off when making a report.

We asked this question:

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(Conservative Party)

This should be a matter of course. If cyclists are serious in making complaints, then having witnesses is absolutely essential. Otherwise if there is a prosecution, the CPS find it difficult to put a case together.

(English Democrats)

At present, Police performance answering 101 and 999 calls is unacceptable and the number of abandoned calls is too high. Residents can wait a very long time for a response - if indeed they choose to hold on and don't give up. If I become commissioner, by July 2013, at least 85% of calls to 101 will be answered within 30 seconds, with no more than 5% abandoned, and at least 90% of calls to 999 will be answered within 10 seconds, with no more than 1% abandoned.

This, and the recording of crimes, is again a matter of resources.


I would expect that our police should treat all reports of crime with the same care, attention to detail and respect for the person making the report. No-one should ever feel they have been 'fobbed-off' regardless of the crime and if elected I would see it as the duty of the Commissioner to be diligent in making sure all members of the public are treated with respect and their reports logged and followed-up as efficiently as possible.

(Labour Party)

By making this a priority and monitoring it. Also encouraging awareness amongst staff. One or two keen cyclist in the force would make a difference.

(Liberal Democrat)

I think you'll find that it isn't just cyclists who get the feeling of being 'fobbed off'. I had to go to great lengths to report a piece of appalling driving I saw on the A428 some time ago - I was only a bystander but had to work really hard to be able to report it.
The real problem is that the standard of evidence for prosecution is quite high and is rarely available on the road (although more people do now carry video equipment). I would look to something akin to Speedwatch where there is a mechanism to record and deal with sub-standard behaviour that isn't the full sanction.

(UK Independence Party)

The actions of the police is dealt with by the police chief and it's important that they remain independent. However, as PCC one of my main roles would be acting as a go between if any person or group of people feels that the police are not carrying our their duties properly and fairly. This I am determined to do and would put communication as one of my top priorities to ensure people can come to me with any concerns.

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