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Question 3 - we asked:

Do you support our view that traffic policing (including fining of cyclists without lights or using pedestrian-only pavements) should become a greater police priority?

We asked this question:

6 of the 7 candidates (86%) who were asked this question responded as below.

Those candidate(s) which were elected are highlighted.

(Conservative Party)

This should be part of a normal police approach. Again it is operational and again I support action being taken.

(English Democrats)

Yes, but as I said above, we need someone as Police Commissioner who really can release more resources to the front line, despite overall funding cuts. During my camnpaign I have already challenged the police about cycling in Huntingdon High Street after meeting a concerned elderly resident there.


In principle, yes. But of course we have to be realistic and manage the public's expectation with the resources available.

(Labour Party)

This has been a local priority in North Cambridgeshire, fines are used. However I think warnings should also be given.

(Liberal Democrat)

It should certainly be a priority. Early intervention reduces later costs in terms of collisions and injuries. I can't pledge to prioritising specific activities now as I don't yet have the full picture and already have a number of interested groups requesting primacy. That being said I shall be able to ask for there to be time-limited campaigns to encourage good behaviour through penalties and education.

(UK Independence Party)

I think that anyone who commits a traffic offence should be dealt with.

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