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Question 2 - we asked:

What experience do you have of cycling in the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough area?

We asked this question:

6 of the 7 candidates (86%) who were asked this question responded as below.

Those candidate(s) which were elected are highlighted.

(Conservative Party)

The only cycling I do in Cambridgeshire is in my village to go to the local shop. I used to be a keen cyclist but am not happy in traffic.

(English Democrats)

For 30 years I have owned and used a bike regularly in Peterborough and Fenland. I have no fingers on my right hand and therefore use a back-pedalling brake. I have no fear of travelling on the roads, despite numerous near misses, and have learnt the necessity of a well maintained bike, good lighting and reflective clothing.

More recently I have used Barclays Cycle Hire in London on a regular basis - and have persuaded others to do the same. What a great scheme - we need one in Cambridge and Peterborough.


As a father of four children I have always cycled with the kids and still do so with my youngest, who is aged 13 (albeit I am a fair-weather cyclist) and do occasionally get frustrated by motorists who cut in and show lack of consideration. I greatly admire the work done in schools to teach children about road safety, on cycle or on foot, and only recently came across such an exercise where I observed the use of hand signals, how to deal with a junction and many other sensible tips. We are fortunate in Peterborough to have the Green Wheel and safe cycling routes around the city although we have a big problem with cyclists who flout the law by riding on pavements and through pedestrianised areas with no thought for other users. As with everything in life, one must try to see things from every angle.

(Labour Party)

I use my bike in Peterborough. I have also worked to have hard solutions such as cycle ways built and routes kept open.

(Liberal Democrat)

I have a Dawes Super Galaxy with Magura hydraulic brakes which I've had for several years. When I moved into Cambridge from Welney I decided to have a good bike rather than a car. I now have a car which I bought when I started having to visit the Police Staff College at Bramshill on a regular basis.
Now I'm in Queen Adelaide, I cycle less than I did in Arbury as I'm either doing something very local or quite a distance away.

(UK Independence Party)

My experience of cycling in Cambridgeshire in particular is that the City Council do not provide enough facilities for cyclists, of which there are many. I believe Cambs CC need to do more but this is not the role of the PCC.

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