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Question 1 - we asked:

In our view, better, safer and more cycling in and around Cambridge requires enforcement of anti-social driving, distracted driving, drunk driving, aggressive driver behaviour, speeding, parking in cycle lanes, etc. We want a police force which has a better understanding of the needs of cyclists in traffic, is well educated about the rights of cyclists, which requires advanced bikeability training for all officers, employs officers on bike patrol to assess and prosecute driver behaviour, is aware of the impact of bike theft, and is explicitly supportive of the bicycle as a means of transport, and helps to educate cyclists about the proper and safe use of the bicycle in traffic. How important would you regard these issues if elected?

We asked this question:

6 of the 7 candidates (86%) who were asked this question responded as below.

Those candidate(s) which were elected are highlighted.

(Conservative Party)

Firstly, can I say that am well disposed to your campaign and if I am elected as the Police Commissioner, would very much welcome having a meeting with you.

Q1: All these objectives are good and I would like to see the police address them. Most of this is an operational matter which has to be dealt with by the Chief Constable and I would certainly encourage him to address these issues. I would particularly like to see police patrolling Cambridge on bicycles. This has proved quite effective in London. It requires a great deal of education for both cyclist and motorist with a particular emphasis on knowing and obeying the Highway Code.

(English Democrats)

As a cyclist myself I well understand these issues. As with most elements of policing, improvement in this area is a question of resources and the state of things today is a direct product of the Police being overseen by the Conservative, Labour and LibDem dominated police authority - about to become defunct. In other words, we need real change to see real change. I believe I have the experience and determination to release resources for the front line, by cutting waste and inefficiency.


I agree that officers should be properly trained and well educated about the needs and issues facing cyclists especially in Cambridge which has such a high number of bicycle users. In principle I like the idea of police bike patrols, not just to assess motorists activity in relation to cylists but as part of community policing and engagement. As to the 'importance' of such issues, priorities will be decided through the new Police and Crime Plan into which groups such as yours will be able to input their views and concerns.

(Labour Party)

This is very important and I will commission and grant aid organisations to help with this task. We need to encourage other authorites to put the needs of pedestrians and cyclists first. Resources have too often gone to the motorist.

(Liberal Democrat)

A police force can only work effectively if it is part of the community it serves. Cambridge is a 'cycling city' so I would expect officers to be at least pro-cycling as the residents. So in Cambridge these issues are very important.

That isn't to say that cycling doesn't take place outside Cambridge but the challenges there are more about encouraging cycling uptake. This can be helped by the police, and others, making the environment as safe a possible for the cyclist and other road users.

(UK Independence Party)

Crime is crime and it should be prosecuted regardless of who it is done by and to. Of course I believe that prevention is better than the cure but actual traffic laws and driving test requirements are outside of the remit of PCC.

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