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Question 8 - we asked:

The Department for Transport has now authorised the use of a clear 'No entry except cycles' sign, in recognition of the clear safety benefits of allowing two-way cycling, which means shorter cycle journeys and fewer junctions. There are a small number of streets left in Cambridge which anomalously do not allow two-way cycling. Will you support proposals for two-way cycling in Shelly Row, Albion Row, and Mount Pleasant?

We asked this question only in Castle.

3 of the 5 candidates (60%) who were asked this question responded as below.

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Not until I have more deeply considered the evidence.

Ashley WALSH
(Labour Party)

Yes, I would support this for these three roads in Castle. The signs have worked well on Bene't Street, off King's Parade, and these roads are wide enough to accommodate two-way cycling. It also means fewer cyclists would be forced onto Huntingdon Road, Castle Hill, and Madingley Road.

(Liberal Democrat)

In general I support the idea of cyclists being permitted to cycle both ways along all roads unless there is a good reason why they should not. In the specific case of Shelly Row, Albion Row and Mount Pleasant I can clearly see why it is not currently allowed. In summary the combination of parked cars, heavy traffic queues during rush hours, relatively fast speeds at other times and blind bends at some of the corners would make it extremely dangerous to permit two way cycling on these roads. If the Cycling Campaign can propose suitable measures that would effectively address these concerns I would be happy to lend it my support.

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