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Question 6 - we asked:

The Department for Transport has now authorised the use of a clear 'No entry except cycles' sign, in recognition of the clear safety benefits of allowing two-way cycling, which means shorter cycle journeys and fewer junctions. There are a small number of streets left in Cambridge which anomalously do not allow two-way cycling. Will you support proposals for two-way cycling in Panton Street, Brookside (southern section), Union Road, Coronation Street and Norwich Street?

We asked this question only in Trumpington.

2 of the 4 candidates (50%) who were asked this question responded as below.

Those candidate(s) which were elected are highlighted.

Ceri Barbara GALLOWAY
(Green Party)

I fully agree that clear signage is important on contra-flow cycle paths and would like to see further contra-flow cycle paths in many of CCC's suggested areas. I understand that some of Cambridge’s streets are very narrow and that road islands have made some cycle paths more difficult to navigate. However some careful planning might make some of these areas safer to navigate if some planning time was dedicated this and users consulted. I would suggested Panton Street turning from Lensfield Road could be made safe with careful signage and clear cycle path delineation at the entry. Other areas not mentioned might be a contra flow between Park Street and Bridge St leading to St John Street. Though careful consideration would need to be taken due to buses turning from Bridge Street. Parking would need to be moved from the right side and one side of the road used to create cycle access and on the other a dedicated pedestrian path as pedestrian use is low in that section of the street and I’m not sure a path on both sides of the road is required.

(Liberal Democrat)

As I said 4 years ago I am aware of problems when I cycle along these roads, I recognise that narrow streets are a common problem in Cambridge, and the needs of residents and businesses mean there are no easy answers. I would consider Arbury Road, for example, is much more risky because of motorists parking and some of them opening their doors in front of cyclists without much care. I have seen this happen, and I cycle very carefully there.

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