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Question 5 - we asked:

The City Council has policies designed to ensure a certain standard of cycle parking for new developments and changes of use requiring planning consent. But applications are often approved that do not meet these standards in letter or spirit. Under what circumstances, if any, would you fail to oppose a planning application that does not fully meet the Council's own cycle parking planning policies?

We asked this question only in Petersfield.

4 of the 4 candidates (100%) who were asked this question responded as below.

Those candidate(s) which were elected are highlighted.

(Conservative Party)

I think that each case would have to be assessed individually, but that in general, planning applications should be made to conform with the council's cycle parking policy unless a very good reason for not doing so is supplied.

(Green Party)

I would wish to resist any planning application that lacked adequate cycle parking facitilites.

(Labour Party)

I've been on the planning committee for the last year, and I'm sure that I have never approved an application that falls short of the Council's policies, and it is hard to imagine any circumstances in which it would be justifiable to do so.

Zoe Imogen O'CONNELL
(Liberal Democrat)

Cycle parking standards exist in the Local Plan as a clear expression of council policy concerning new developments. I believe it is important that these are properly adhered to.

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