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Question 24 - we asked:

What are your aspirations for the major new developments in your area? Do you agree that Dutch-quality cycle provision, separate from pedestrians, is a standard to which the City should generally be holding developers to?

We asked this question in these 4 wards: Castle, Girton, Newnham, Trumpington.

9 of the 17 candidates (53%) who were asked this question responded as below.

Those candidate(s) which were elected are highlighted.

Alastair John SIMPSON
(Conservative Party)

I support the Campaign’s approach to cycling in new developments, and would like to see the provision of appropriate cycle ways mandated in all major new developments. I support the proposed new cycle route, The Ridgeway, that will cross the University’s North West development from the Girton Corner traffic lights to the Astronomy School, Cavendish Lab and the University’s West site on Madingley Road.

Ceri Barbara GALLOWAY
(Green Party)

In the new developments I would like to support a Dutch style approach to cycling to planning with dedicated cycle paths and separate pedestrian pathways. I have cycled long distances in Holland a number of times and the majority of the cycle tracks I have used were on dedicated cycle paths away for motorised traffic and pedestrians as well. In fact the times my partner and I accidentally walked onto a cycle path cyclists told us in no uncertain terms to get onto the pedestrian path. The cycling campaigns preference for on-road cycling with wider cycle paths would be a second preference. I would only want to support those in areas where dedicated cycle paths within new developments meet old build areas and full width cycle path cannot be sited due to lack of space. However in this case where possible there should be provision of dedicated cycle paths away from the motorised traffic and road use for motorised traffic could narrowed if need be. Many people quote cycling on the roads as the main reason for not using a bike. They feel threatened by traffic and afraid to cycle feeling it is just too unsafe and these people say they prefer dedicated cycle paths especially those with have children and these people would be no longer provided for with CCC preferred option of on road cycling.

I understand there are cyclists who prefer to cycle faster and do not like cycle paths however they are not the majority in my experience and while their needs for on road cycling is supported by CCC other needs will not be supported with this policy so I would like to see a revision of this policy to include dedicated cycle paths as a main policy with particular reference to school runs and main routes to and across town.

Douglas Raymond DE LACEY

Yes I do agree. I am already in discussion with the University over the NW Cambridge plans and am pleased to see some changes (eg greatly improved cycle parking facilities) as a result. I intend to continue such discussions with all developers in the District.



Sarah CAIN
(Labour Party)

Yes: I strongly believe that we should be encouraging (and even enforcing more strongly) good, high-quality low-car-impact sustainable development, including best practice in cycling provision as a central feature. The Dutch have some of the best cycling provision in the world, and we can learn positively from European developments in good-quality sustainable housing and transport. We should be looking at formulating a long-term strategic plan for integrating development and transport infrastructure in Cambridge: our Labour 2012 Manifesto commitment to exploring the development of a unitary council for Cambridge would help achieve this. Under a unitary council, the current City Council development remit would be merged with the County Council remit for transport and infrastructure, so that we can cater for transport and cycling provision as an *integral* part of our overall development plan for Cambridge.

Ashley WALSH
(Labour Party)

Yes, this should be the aspiration for infrastructural development in the city. As Cambridge University plans to develop housing and buildings in north-west Cambridge, roads should be equipped with wide cycling lanes. This is especially important on such busy roads as Huntingdon and Madingley.

It is also important in Castle, as an area which connects main routes into the city with the city centre itself. As such, the Cambridge Labour councillors plan to budget for secure cycle parking at the station and the city centre. Councillors also plan to invest with the County Council in repairing and improving cycle ways - particularly with restoring pavements and filling potholes.

(Liberal Democrat)

Yes, indeed. The issue can also be deliberated positively on the merit of each case in the light of the new Local Plan. At the same time I am firm supporter of any practicable alternatives in order to balance many competing matters in search for better standards for new developments.

(Liberal Democrat)

I agree with the principle and I understand that this is being considered for inclusion in the revised Local Plan.

(Liberal Democrat)

This is an attractive aspiration and one that can be considered in the light of the new Local Plan. We do of course have to balance many competing issues in our search for very high standards for new developments.

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