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Question 23 - we asked:

What are your views on cycling provisions for commuting into Cambridge from Cottenham, Histon and Impington? Are the existing facilities adequate (and why or why not)? What do you think should be improved if anything?

We asked this question in these 2 wards: Cottenham, Histon & Impington.

4 of the 8 candidates (50%) who were asked this question responded as below.

Those candidate(s) which were elected are highlighted.

Steven James MASTIN
(Conservative Party)

No they are not adequate. They are basic. Travelling to Holland or Germany reveals how far behind we are in Cambridgeshire.

(Labour Party)

I regularly cycle into Cambridge from Histon. The route in towards west Cambridge has been vastly improved by the cycle path. However, the route along the B1049 is dangerous at the A14 junction. I have had a number of 'near misses from fast moving cars and think that the cycle crossing points across the slip roads need re-engineering or a short period when all lights in each cycle are on red to allow cyclists and pedestrians to cross safely. The cycle path along the busway is good and feels very safe. The busway path needs to be better integrated into the Cambridge cycle path network. I think good quality provision that would take cyclists from CRC to the Green Dragon bridge would be a useful addition. I can't comment on the quality of the route to Cottenham beyond observing that I wouldn't fancy it much myself. The greatest ommision, in my view, is the lack of a safe route from Bar Hill into Cambridge (parallel to the A14) of a link to the busway.

Richard William GYMER
(Liberal Democrat)

It has been great to have a wider path, making it possible to overtake pedestrians and other cyclists without problem. I would much have preferred to have an additional path on the other side of the road, as there is still an issue with facing oncoming headlights, and having to cross the road - twice - to use the new path, when travelling from Histon to Cottenham.
The lights are a boon at night, but I wonder if there will be maintenance issues when the batteries need replacing and the covers become dirty or badly scratched, as seems to have happened to the Girton cycleway.

(Liberal Democrat)

There have been significant improvements in recent years, but it is not finished yet. There are still some gaps and the proposed improvements to the roundabout over the A14 must be completed. There is still a gap in the route from Impington to Milton and this must also be completed without delay.

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