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Question 22 - we asked:

Our Cycling Vision 2016 report, available on our website outlines a range of proposals for increasing the rate of cycling in the area. Do you give Cycling Vision 2016 your backing, and what are you most keen to see implemented?

We asked this question in these 2 wards: Abbey, Cherry Hinton.

5 of the 7 candidates (71%) who were asked this question responded as below.

Those candidate(s) which were elected are highlighted.

Timothy James HAIRE
(Conservative Party)

I think this is an excellent document that contains many good ideas. In particular the sections on the Chisholm trail and the need for more secure cycle parking.

(Conservative Party)

I give Cycling Vision 2016 my backing and am most keen to see Safety Improvements Around the City implemented.

(Labour & Co-operative)

The Cycling Vision 2016 is a very detailed, ambitious document that places at its heart the importance for better and more integrated transport in the city that would enable cyclists, pedestrians and motorists to co-exist in a much better way than currently. I support the broad aims of the report in promoting better safety and quality of the cycling infrastructure in Cambridge.

There are certainly interesting proposals within the Cycling Vision that could potentially benefit Abbey residents. The proposals for Newmarket Road is something I’d like to be looked at in more detail, especially as it would help ease the present difficulties faced on the stretch of the road by the Retail Park. Having zebra crossings to get from one side of the road to the other, in prominent locations (i.e. bus stops), is certainly something I think should be taken seriously.

I am in agreement that the Newmarket Road/Elizabeth Way bridge roundabout is extremely hazardous for cyclists. I support the proposal outlined in the Eastern Gate Framework, which suggests a new layout (4-way traffic light control) that would prioritise cyclists at junctions - removing the roundabout that is called for in the Cycling Vision - and for the inclusion of advance stop lines.

I also agree that there should be a proper and safe crossing for cyclists and pedestrians at the Newmarket Road/Ditton Lane junction.

(Labour Party)

I support a lot of what is in your report and I think the The Chisholm Trail' is a very important section of that report.

(Liberal Democrat)

In supporting Cycling Vision 2016, my priority would be junction improvements. All too often, provision for cyclists gives out just when the life starts getting difficult approaching a junction.

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