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Question 16 - we asked:

Will you actively support the early construction of pedestrian and cyclist access to the guided busway maintenance track especially through the new development at the end of Clarendon Road and through the Cambridge University Press site?

We asked this question in these 2 wards: Queen Edith's, Trumpington.

5 of the 8 candidates (63%) who were asked this question responded as below.

Those candidate(s) which were elected are highlighted.

Richard Graham JEFFS
(Conservative Party)

Yes, it will help residents of the Brooklands Avenue area reach destinations further south, and help cyclists and pedestrians avoid making long detours or having to cross busy intersections. I am also keen to see an overall strategy for crossing the railway around the Leisure Park area.

Ceri Barbara GALLOWAY
(Green Party)

Early construction of pedestrian and cyclist from the guided bus way maintenance track through the new development to Clarendon Road that leads in the direction of Brooklands Avenue, and to the Coe Fen cycleway would be of great benefit reducing cycling times to these areas beyond. I would be personally benefit as I work one day a week in Accordia off Clarendon road. It strikes me a temporary measure could be negotiated with Cambridge University Press to have their gate be open during work hours for cyclists and pedestrians to pass through the site. However it would mean cyclists would have to get of their bikes to walk the short distance to the road through the site as the path has a second use as it leads to the smoker’s shelter.

(Labour & Co-operative)

The cycle path alongside the guided busway has proved popular. I can see the attraction of opening up further parts of the route for cyclists especially if it will allow them to avoid the Hills Road bridge since I have spoken to many people in my ward who find the cycle lane dangerous. However I think it is important that, as with all changes to the local area, that local people are consulted.

(Liberal Democrat)

Yes, indeed.

Amanda Joan TAYLOR
(Liberal Democrat)

These links would be excellent if the owners of the land can be persuaded to grant access to cyclists through their premises.

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