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Question 14 - we asked:

In most terraced streets of Petersfield and Romsey, the public realm is dominated by parked cars. No space is made available for cycle parking, trees, and other amenities that would enhance the area. Car parking is squeezed into every available remaining space, yet there is a total absence of secure cycle parking. This inequity is one cause of the high levels of cycle theft in Cambridge. Would you support the introduction of on-street cycle parking racks on most such streets, even if it would mean the removal of one parking space on the street?

We asked this question only in Romsey.

4 of the 4 candidates (100%) who were asked this question responded as below.

Those candidate(s) which were elected are highlighted.

(Cambridge Socialists)

I would remove more than one parking space. There are a number of places in Romsey and Petersfield where underground and secure off street parking for cars could both totally revelutionise the parking situation and open up and relandscape open spaces. For this I include actual road space! If the council stoppedletting developpers put flats in every single spare space then this would be even more feasable. The council also needs to invest in its own community car and van scheme that includes reasonable long term car loans for going on Holiday!

(Conservative Party)

I would support the introduction of more on-street cycle parking racks,
especially by the Empress pub where drinkers have little space to leave
their bikes and they get in the way.. also bikes left on pavements outside houses
get in the way of pedestrains and wheelchair users and so more bike parking
would help alleviate this problem..

(Labour Party)

Yes, in principle. The Labour Group is keen to review all parking options/solutions and secure cycle-parking is an important aspect of any traffic solution, particularly at the railway station and the roads adjoining the station in Romsey. Labour has budgeted for additional secure parking and has opposed charging at station. We also support CCC’s idea of another city centre secure cycle park.

Catherine Helen Lindsay SMART
(Liberal Democrat)

It is not true to say there is no secure cycle parking in Romsey. Several new hoops were put in on St Philip's Road recently and are used particularly by customers of the Empress Pub. There are also hoops by several of the shops on Mill Road. When funding was available we wrote to residents across the ward and had racks installed where demand was high.

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