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Question 7 - we asked:

There have not been enough cycle stands at the station for at least a decade now. Given the level of cycle theft, congestion and growth in the city, what steps will you take to solve this and in what timescale?

We asked this question in these 2 wards: Coleridge, Petersfield.

4 of the 8 candidates (50%) who were asked this question responded as below.

Andrew James BOWER
(Conservative Party)

I support the cycling campaign's continued pressure on railway companies to release parking spaces for cycles at the station. But this should not be the only avenue as the financial incentives may not be aligned there to see action... Regular removal of unused cycles is also important but also cannot be seen as a panacea. New developments nearby really should have been required to include much more cycle parking with them - we must not allow that to happen again.

Valerie Teresa HOPKINS
(Green Party)

As | mentioned earlier the Rail Station is severely lacking in cycle parking and bikes parking needs to be improved. Green Councillors have already been successful in obtaining extra parking at Cambridge United and the Green Party will continue to ensure that developers take cycle parking seriously when planning applications are submitted.

(Labour Party)

The only solution to the rail station problem is to ensure that the agreed modern purpose built cycle park is delivered. One of the few benefits to the approved outline plan for the rail station area was the cycle park building. The city council has wrongly allowed Brookgate the developers to rephase the scheme such that the cycle park has been put further down the timeline. The access road is in place, a huge building for Microsoft agreed yet the cycle park has not been mentioned.

Zoe Imogen O'CONNELL
(Liberal Democrat)

The LibDem Petersfield team have already been speaking to Network Rail about this and we are hoping that when the bus stops are moved that more cycle parking space and more cycle stands can be provided. As your newsletter highlights however, this is a frustrating problem as we are all at the mercy of the various companies involved in management of the station. There really is no fixed timescale for this as even when the current round of changes have gone through, there will no doubt still be a need to keep pressure on the station authorities to continuously strive to improve the situation at the station.

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