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Question 24 - we asked:

There is no usable infrastructure supporting less confident cyclists along Arbury Road, Union Lane and Church Street, but very many pinch points and parked cars. Recent proposals were opposed by Cambridge Cycling Campaign, as they risked harming cyclists interests without providing a continuous, safe route along Arbury Road and Union Lane. Do you support a cycle route from Orchard Park to Riverside Bridge and if so, what infrastructure measures do you propose to encourage cyclists of different levels of ability and confidence here?

We asked this question in these 4 wards: Arbury, East Chesterton, King's Hedges, West Chesterton.

10 of the 19 candidates (53%) who were asked this question responded as below.

Stephen Roger LAWRENCE
(Green Party)

I think this sort of thing will probably only be solved by having the people responsible for road layout changes using bicycles themselves. If necessary, pay them to spend time cycling round the city. Otherwise it's just like a ball being batted round a court.

Stephen Martin LINTOTT
(Green Party)

I would support a cycle route from Orchard Park to Riverside Bridge, I would need to take advice about what infrastructure measures would be needed

Peter Harry POPE
(Green Party)

The route from Orchard Park to Riverside Bridge is immensely important. As I am not an expert I can not propose infrastructure measures but the adoption of a 20mph limit in Union Lane would help.


The Chisholm Trail would still be of some use to people travelling from orchard Park to the centre as the misguided bus route links Orchard Park to it. However, Arbury Road is too narrow to be of use, but Hurst park Avenue is a better route and quieter. it should be possible to find a route behind the Meados and across the park to Hurst park Avenue - there is already a crossing near the end of HPA across Milton Road, then through to Chesterton Road and over the bridge by the Fort St george. Alternatively, I would use the Downhams Lane/hawkins Road route and improve the Milton Road/Union lane junction by banning right turns from Milton Road s/b into Arbury Road (easy to use the roundabout), removing the Union lane phase altogether for cars (by allowing traffic INTO but not OUT of Union lane (can use Elizabeth Way), although bikes can get off and cross on the lights.

Gerri BIRD
(Labour Party)

I think this work should be done and I would be asking the county council to look at it again.

(Labour Party)

I use part of this route regularly as I have an allotment towards the end of Arbury Road, and the provision is currently inadequate. I think the entire route needs to be rethought as a whole, rather than the scrappy provision which currently exists, which is very unclear and confusing, and which leads to cyclists coming on and off the pavement regularly often with no clear idea as to whether they are meant to be on the road or not. This may mean a change in some infrastructure and a significant investment - given current financial constraints this may not be possible. I don't think there are any easy solutions to this particular problem, as Arbury Road is a main connecting route and a 20mph speed limit might be difficult and unpopular to enforce, though it could well be imposed without trouble on other parts of the route. As such, a raft of complementary measures might be necessary to allow the route to be brought up to a proper standard.

(Labour Party)

This is a difficult situation. A possible better route is along King's Hedges Road and Green End Road, but again there are difficult areas. If elected, I would sit down with all interests to improve cycling provision North of the River.

Clare Frances BLAIR
(Liberal Democrat)

Yes I agree this is a key route for cyclists from north of the city, and also a route for many pupils cycling to school. Both Arbury Road and Union Lane are narrow and heavily used by cars - a reduction in speed of traffic would be important in enhancing safety.

(Liberal Democrat)

I do support the idea of such a route. I objected to the proposal to put a cycle path on the pavement outside St Lawrence's school, since this would clearly have been hazardous for children arriving at and leaving the school on foot. I was also extremely disappointed that the county council did not see fit to re-position the street furniture away from the cycle path when they upgraded the pedestrian crossing outside the Manor School, despite the fact that I asked them to do so. As your objection letter points it is hard to think of many changes to the existing infrastructure that would actually improve the situation. Apart from relatively minor (but nonetheless valuable) improvements such as repositioning street furniture, I agree that the best solution is probably a 20mph limit on Arbury Road, Union Lane and Church Street.

(Liberal Democrat)

Such a route is needed, but as always we run into problems with conflicting demands for space. I agreed with the advice of the Cycling Campaign over the recent proposals outside St Lawrence' school. Shared use paths and young children do not mix well!

I do think that a safer route down Northfield Avenue might be better for the top end, although that joins to an end of Orchard Park not the centre which would not be ideal.

A 20mph limit would appear to be the easiest option for Arbury Rd and Union Lane, although this might shift traffic to another residential road (King's Hedges Road or Gilbert Road). The wider sections of Arbury Rd (outside the Manor for example) might allow cycle lanes, but a patchy solution might be worse than leaving things as they are.

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