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Question 19 - we asked:

Resurfacing of Grange Road has been done badly, with the (admittedly narrow and unsatisfactory) cycle lanes not properly restored or surfaced. Will you press for the County Council to sort out the mess here?

We asked this question only in Newnham.

2 of the 4 candidates (50%) who were asked this question responded as below.

(Labour Party)

Yes! I would add, however, that there are other areas where the condition/quality of cycle lanes is a problem. The corner of Fen Causeway/Trumpington Street by the Leys – which can be very slippery on the dual use pavement (accidents have happened there) – for example.

Julie Elizabeth SMITH
(Liberal Democrat)

The surface of the cycle lanes on Grange Road is a disgrace, and my colleague Councillor Nethsingha and I have discussed the matter with the County on several occasion. I raised the matter as soon as the surface dressing was done last summer and was initially told that the cycle lanes hadn't been covered. Clearly, they had partially been covered and the County has now agreed that the cycle lanes will be surface dressed at the first opportunity. We managed to get the lines reinstated fairly quickly, stopping Grange Road looking like a carpark. Unfortunately, though, it seems surface dressing is a specialist task and seasonal. When the problems arose last year, the surface dressing team had already left the area.Thus we are in a queue for the lanes to be done but we have been assured they will be done this time around.

As you point out, the lanes are in themselves narrow and unsatisfactory in many ways and I would welcome discussions on whether there are ways we could improve provision for cyclists on Grange Road - for example, if money permitted, would it help to upgrade the on-pavement cycle lane on the East side, remove the narrow on-road cycle lane on the east and then widen the on-road cycle lane on the West?

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