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Question 16 - we asked:

Do you agree that the new cycle lanes and parking ban in Gilbert Road has considerably improved safety for the very many children who use this route?

We asked this question in these 2 wards: Arbury, West Chesterton.

5 of the 9 candidates (56%) who were asked this question responded as below.

Stephen Roger LAWRENCE
(Green Party)

Sorry, Haven't had chance to ride it.

Stephen Martin LINTOTT
(Green Party)


(Labour Party)

I am aware that cycling down Gilbert Road is now much more pleasant and safer than it was. However, many residents of the road are not happy about the lanes, and I think that a better consultation process, with more input from local residents, could have found a solution to the issue of schoolchildren riding down the pavement to the school without making so many residents unhappy. Other residents are of course delighted by the lanes, but it has been extremely divisive and poor consultation seems to be at the heart of this - I would much rather see improvements with local residents brought on board from the beginning.

(Labour Party)

I think this is a big step forward, but we need to address the illegal parking in Milton Road Bus Lane and outside Staples. We also need to address the less than cycle friendly nature of Mitcham's Corner and full cycelway provision on Chesterton Road.

(Liberal Democrat)

I am one of the few residents of Gilbert Road who was in favour of this scheme. I took the view that road safety for a large number of cyclists was more important than the occasional convenience of some residents. I am concerned however that the traffic calming measures were removed from the scheme at the last minute, with no consultation and no thought whatsoever to the likely impact of the change on road safety. There is already quite a bit of evidence that car speeds on Gilbert Road have increased outside peak times and I still see large numbers of cyclists using the pavements. Those people who I have talked to about this have said that they do so because the high speed of vehicles on the road, which makes them feel unsafe despite the presence of the cycle lanes.

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