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Question 12 - we asked:

Two-way cycling in one-way streets produces increased cycling safety and convenience, because it enables people to avoid longer routes on busier roads. Allowing two-way cycling in Kingston Street has been a success. Now that it appears that 'No Entry Except Cycles' signs will be permitted, will you work to allow two-way cycling in the one-way streets of Romsey?

We asked this question only in Romsey.

4 of the 5 candidates (80%) who were asked this question responded as below.

(Cambridge Socialists)

Yes this is a first step to the sort of approach I am proposing in my answer to question 4.

(Green Party)

Yes I do support this. Allowing cyclists priority on quieter roads is important if the main trunk roads can not be made safer for cyclists.

(Labour Party)

Provided that no safety issues arise as a consequence of same, then yes.

(Liberal Democrat)

Without question. I have already been pushing for this and hope to put it on the agenda at the Area Joint Transport Committee soon.

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