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Question 10 - we asked:

In most terraced streets of Petersfield and Romsey, the public realm is dominated by parked cars. No space is made available for cycle parking, trees, and other amenities that would enhance the area. Car parking is squeezed into every available remaining space, yet there is a total absence of secure cycle parking. This inequity is one cause of the high levels of cycle theft in Cambridge. Would you support the introduction of on-street cycle parking racks on most such streets, even if it would mean the removal of one parking space on the street?

We asked this question in these 2 wards: Petersfield, Romsey.

6 of the 9 candidates (67%) who were asked this question responded as below.

(Cambridge Socialists)

I agree with this fully and would go further. THe issue of parking in the areas mentioned is not going to be solved without a proper look at planning (particularly housing), transport and other key decisions around parks leisure and recreational facilities. I feel we should be looking towards a much more integrated approach to reducing cars and a vision of residential parts of the city like Petersfield and Romsey that would seriously open up more public spaces - of which cycle are given priority over cars.

(Green Party)

Secure cycle parking is a real concern and proper, secure bike stands should be placed in some car parking spaces in Romsey. However, if the roads aren't safe to use (particularly in the Mill Road stretch over the railway tracks up to Kelsey Kerridge) then residents won't switch from cars to cycles, thus there will be no free space to install these stands.

(Labour Party)

In Petersfield two small cycle bays were introduced in Gwydir Street and Mill Street. This was in consultation with local residents. I did in these cases and would in principle support on-street secure cycle-parking racks but it would require proper consultation with residents, many of whom use both their cars and cycles.

(Labour Party)

Whilst I would be in favour of the introduction of cycle parking racks, I would wish to canvass the opinions of the residents of the street to be effected before sanctioning the loss of a parking space. I am only to aware that parking is an issue to many Romsey residents.

Zoe Imogen O'CONNELL
(Liberal Democrat)

Yes, and I feel this is something that should be presented as an option to residents via East Area Committee when the opportunity arises. I believe local residents would probably be supportive of such measures, not least because it increases available space on the pavements. Policing the cycle parking so that it does not end up becoming full of abandoned cycles (Or used for storing wheelie bins!) would be something that would need to be addressed however. I would be keen to study the results of such schemes in other areas where it has been implemented on a larger scale.

(Liberal Democrat)

Far from there being no cycle racks, we have had new ones installed in a number of locations around the ward, mostly on or around Mill Road. The most popular are those near the Empress. We have also emailed a number of local residents organisations asking if they would like to have cycle racks installed on residential streets. The fact is that the overwhelming number of responses indicated that when it comes to locking up their bikes at night, people don’t want to lock it on the street, but in their house, shed or garden. So we want to introduce more cycle parking, but in short-term locations like pubs and shops rather than overnight locations. If people have suitable locations in mind, whether on residential streets or commercial ones, get in touch!

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