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Question 4 - we asked:

If the County Council's proposed Congestion Charge goes ahead, it is likely that the associated up-front money that would be received from the government to support prior improvements to public transport and cycling would be of the order of some £500m spread over five years. This is roughly ten times the amount the County currently receives for transport. If the scheme goes ahead, what would be your priorities for use of this up-front money?

We asked this question:

2 of the 5 candidates (40%) who were asked this question responded as below.

Susannah KERR
(Liberal Democrat)

I would like to see that money spent on improving cycling routes across the city, especially in areas that are recognised as accident black spots for cyclists, with the overall emphasis on dealing with gaps in Cambridge cycling routes where this is the case. I would also recommend that a proportion of the money is spent on improvements to portions of pavements that are cyclist only (including making them more visible to pedestrians) and cycle lanes on roads which are often in such a bad state that cycling is very difficult and potentially dangerous. I am interested to see how plans for areas such as Riverside, along which I cycle to work every day, develop – this is certainly one of the areas which need improvement!

(UK Independence Party)

To reduce the Council tax

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