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Question 1 - we asked:

Do you support our view that traffic policing (including fining of cyclists without lights or using pedestrian-only pavements) should become a greater police priority?

We asked this question:

4 of the 5 candidates (80%) who were asked this question responded as below.

(Conservative Party)

Of course; law enforcement is not, however, merely a police 'priority' - it is instead a vital and important role.

Keith Alexander GARRETT
(Green Party)

Yes. Cyclists breaking the rules generate bad feeling towards the majority of legal cyclists and can cause dangerous accidents. More positive measures might be considered like selling lights to cyclists in place of a fine or ensuring they attend a cycling skills course, paid for with the fine.

(Labour Party)

Area committees are now including regular agenda items on local policing priorities - this is the place for such decisions to be considered. Some people are very upset by reckless cycling, eg on pavements, but residents may feel generally that existing police and PCSO resources should be used for other local enforcement issues. Local blitzes on eg lights can be very effective. balanced by enforcement

(Liberal Democrat)

I do, but I also understand that Cambridge's police force is one of the most understaffed and under-resourced in the country. If we could get another 30 or so PCSO's (community police officers) it would be more feasible to have a number of these permanently monitoring cycling standards, but under the current circumstances it is unfortunately not realistic to expect them to do so. They are not even adequately equipped to properly deal with speeding motorists which for me another pressing a concern in Romsey. But until they are less understaffed a few more blitzes like we saw last November would work well; people who are caught without lights and penalised tend not to make the same mistake again.

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