Election survey FAQs for candidates

I’m a candidate standing for election. Why should I participate in Camcycle’s election survey?

The aim of our election survey is to give candidates the opportunity to share their views with voters. We develop the survey questions through consultation with people in local communities, so that they can ask you about issues in the ward you’re campaigning to win and you can inform them about your plans. Feedback from previous years tells us that voters really value the opportunity to hear from you about local active travel issues: 

We used the candidates’ answers to your impressively detailed local questions to decide who to vote for. And it really did change our household’s vote!”

How do I access the survey to participate?

To participate, we need your email address. 

We open the election survey two days after candidates are officially announced; at that point you will receive an email invitation to participate in the survey. This will include the specific web address and unique verification number which will enable you to access the survey for your ward. 

Avoid trying to access the election survey via our main elections webpage: before the survey responses are published, you’ll get a message to say the survey is closed.

Please get in touch if you would like to receive an invitation: contact@camcycle.org.uk

What will happen to my responses?

We will publish all responses online two weeks before the election. The exact publication date is shared in candidate invites (the date varies slightly from year to year). As with previous years, the general public will be able to view every candidate from all parties – including those who have not responded. Note that responses will be submitted as they are: we won’t proofread for typos etc.

To view your responses after publication, go to our main elections page; from there, you can select the relevant election and ward to see what the public will see.

What if I miss the deadline?

Candidates can still respond after the publication date. Although voters will be reading the surveys right up to election day, many postal votes are submitted early so it’s best to respond as soon as you can.

As we are all in the same political party, can I complete the survey on behalf of my colleagues?

Please note that you should complete the survey on behalf of yourself. If you choose to work with colleagues on completing the survey, then you should each enter the responses using your own survey link and verification code. Otherwise, it will look as though only one candidate from your party has responded. Equally, if you need us to input your responses on your behalf, we need to hear from the contributors personally (rather than one candidate send for all). This is to ensure fairness. 

Please direct enquiries about the election survey to contact@camcycle.org.uk and include ‘Election survey’ in the title of our email. Please note that we are a very small team and that our working hours are limited. We will respond to your query as soon as we are able.