Science Park Access subgroup

This page is no longer being updated. For our campaigning on recent Science Park issues see here.

This sub-group has broadened its original aims, to look at all aspects of access into Cambridge Science Park, on Milton Road.

Actions so far (in chronological order):

Phase 1 changes to the access road

Early 1998 – wrote to Bidwells, with suggestions for improvements of the layout of proposed Phase 1 changes to the access road into the science park.

Survey of journeys into the Science Park

24 September, 1998 – surveyed all entrances, to determine the relative use by cyclists, pedestrians and motor vehicles. The report is available in PDF format.

Press Release on entrance via Garry Drive

October 1998 – Issued Press Release on the Survey results, and our objections to the planned closure of access via Garry Drive.

Other Information