Press statement: Anti-social cycling

Sent on Friday 21st May 2010

Raymond Brown of the Cambridge News contacted us to ask about our views on illegal cycling. Below is the full response we sent.

Sadly, the material we sent has been selectively quoted in the article, missing out our statements below agreeing with the need to tackle anti-social cycling.

A Cambridge Campaign spokesperson says:

“Cambridge Cycling Campaign believes all road users need to behave in a responsible manner. We produce a cycle lighting poster which is available for free download from our website at:

Regarding the City Rangers data, we’ve asked for clearer signing of cycle restrictions in the City Centre. Many of those who cycle anti-socially in the City are new to the area if not new to cycling. Better signing, along with better education is needed for those groups. Bikeability training is now offered to all school children, and such training is available for everyone who cycles.

In the City Centre a significant proportion of drivers using Hobson St do so illegally as that area is covered by ‘Except for Access’ restrictions.

Although cycling may seem to be an issue in the City Centre, anti-social behaviour by drivers of motor vehicles hit the top two spots in a National Home Office survey of anti-social behaviour.

Recently there has been media coverage, with a video, of a cyclist hit from the rear whilst passing a vehicle illegally stopped in a cycle lane. Those who cycle in Cambridge know that such illegal behaviour is a daily problem, yet only five tickets have been issued for that offence in the past three months in the City. see:

There are a number of places within the City where 50+ motor vehicles can be seen driving illegally in such cycle lanes each and every day. Illegal behaviour such as driving and parking in cycle lanes is a widespread problem, endangering cyclists.

Our conclusion is that there needs to be a more proportionate approach to enforcement, better reflecting the real danger to road users.”


23rd May 2010