20mph zone

  • This letter was published in the Cambridge Evening News on 17th June 2005

Our proposed extended city centre 20mph zone (News, June 10th) is good not bad news for Cambridge people. We are delighted that 54% of those responding to your online poll support the extended zone.

The case for such a zone is simple: 90% of people hit by a vehicle at 40 mph die, 20% at 30 mph and only 2.5% at 20 mph. Low speeds greatly reduce both the severity and the frequency of collisions. Any driver, even if very skilled and experienced, can make mistakes. The consequences of an error are much more likely to be serious when driving at more than 20 mph in areas with high densities of pedestrians and cyclists.

Your picture showed cyclists in Maid’s Causeway. This street is outside the proposed zone.

James Woodburn
Cambridge Cycling Campaign