Let’s clear East Road

Your correspondent, Paul Custerson, is right to criticise (Letters, 6th June) the ludicrous situation that exists on East Road with respect to car parking and stopping.

Cambridge Cycling Campaign has written several times now to ask that East Road be made a 24-hour clearway. It is ridiculous that parking and stopping is still allowed for much of the day in what is such an important part of the inner ring road.

The combination of the amount of traffic and the use of the area by parked or stopped vehicles causes safety problems for cyclists – due to the need to get past queues of stationary traffic or parked vehicles – as well as delays for all road users. Because of the cars parked leading up to the crossing at Burleigh Street / Norfolk Street, there is a general slow down and then, following the point of this junction, vehicles return to normal speed again, indicating the congestion being caused.

Traders could indeed have deliveries made from the rear of the buildings via Dover Street, and the cycle lanes which suddenly vanish in the section concerned, could be joined up to make a rare example of a continuous cycle route in the city centre.

East Road remains an anomaly, totally at odds with the Council’s sensible strategy of encouraging motor vehicles to use the inner ring road rather than drive through the centre.

Martin Lucas-Smith
Cambridge Cycling Campaign