Taxi licensing consultation

The City is currently conducting a consultation on taxi licensing.

The Campaign strongly supports the proposal that complaints should be taken into account in determining if a driver is a fit and proper person to hold a taxi license. We prefer Option 1 in the consultation as this allows evidence of both offences and complaints to be taken together.

  • Option 1 [PDF] is a penalty point scheme that lists when and how many penalty points will be allocated in each circumstance, as well as what action will be taken on the accumulation of penalty points;
  • Option 2 [PDF] lists the graduated enforcement steps and the circumstances under which each action will be taken.

We also suggest that complaints and offences should be considered over three and five year periods, as well as over one year (which is the proposal in the consultation), as this makes it far easier to set trigger levels that are likely to catch the (few) rogue taxi drivers without jeopardising the others.