Gritting of roads and cycle paths

A cyclist braves Lammas Land in the snow.
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Once again, cyclists and pedestrians are being treated as second-class citizens when it comes to gritting of key routes.

This is clearly unacceptable, especially given that around a quarter of journeys in Cambridgeshire are by bike. Key routes used heavily by pedestrians and cyclists are simply not being gritted.

We have been received e-mails from people complaining about the lack of gritting/salting of paths on key cycle paths in and around Cambridge.

We have been campaigning on this issue and need your help – take these two simple actions:

1) Tell us which places need gritting prioritised, and tell us your story

We are collecting information and stories to help demonstrate to the County Council that they must change their policy.

We will not forward on your name/e-mail/postcode – all comments will be anonymised. E-mails will not be added to any list or used for any purpose than to reply to you on this issue if necessary.

The submission form is now closed.

2) Contact the County Councillor and officials concerned

Please consider dropping a short but polite e-mail to these people, letting them know the problems you have experienced.

Please make clear when writing that the current policy, that footway and minor roads should be salted if temperatures fall below zero for five consecutive days, is not acceptable, and give them any personal story you have.

  • Your local County Councillor (see this list) and copy it to:
  • Mark Kemp – Director of Highways and Access <>
  • Cllr Mac McGuire – Cabinet Member for Highways and Access <>
  • Cambridge Cycling Campaign: <>

Last year’s petition

Robert Oeffner’s petition last year gained some 1,233 signatures. We congratulate him on his efforts to raise the profile of this issue.