Support our petition to build Ring Fort Path

Proposal to connect Orchard Park with the soon to be upgraded crossing over the A14 roundabout through a shared-use path.

Ring Fort Path mapThe shared-use path should run from the A14 crossing (south-eastern side) alongside the A14 slip road behind barriers and then into Ring Fort Road by the Premier Inn Hotel mini roundabout. Passing near the play areas it will increase the natural surveillance of the sports and play areas in this otherwise remote corner of Orchard Park.

“Ring Fort Path” will present a vast improvement for residents of the western area of Orchard Park wishing to travel to for example the Firs House Doctors’ Surgery in Histon, Holiday Inn Lakeview hotel (e.g. jobs or health club), Impington Village College & the Sports Centre, churches, Histon FC, Histon & Impington Recreation Ground and the many offices at Vision Park.

Presentation of Ring Fort Path petition: Tuesday 6th September 2011

We’re presenting our petition to Cabinet on Tuesday 6th September 2011.

The Cabinet meeting starts at 10am. Please try to come to the Kreis Viersen (KV) Room, Shire Hall, Castle Hill, Cambridge, CB3 0AP at 9.40am to secure a seat in the public seating area. Petitions are taken early on in the meeting.


The more support we can show for Ring Fort Path the better the chances to convince Councillors at Cambridgeshire Cabinet to build Ring Fort Path.

Please add your name to the e-petition at

More photographs

See our gallery of the area to be improved.

A14 roundabout at Histon to Ring Fort Road

Cheiftain Way to A14 roundabout at Histon.