Parker’s Piece

Parker's Piece
October 26th: mysterious forces at work – half the path on Parker’s Piece is suddenly surfaced in red

Parker's Piece
October 31st: now it’s all red

Parker's Piece
The surface on the other diagonal on Parker’s Piece, November 1st.

Parker's Piece
October 31st: four bollards removed from the pedestrian parts of the gap by the Pizza Hut mean many fewer pedestrians try to use the cycle gaps

So what on earth has being going on with the paths across Parker’s Piece at the end of October 2001?

It seemed like a ghostly apparation when almost overnight half the path over Parker’s Piece was resurfaced in red, giving the impression cyclists were supposed to stick to one side of the long-ridiculed white line.

When the powers that be heard from us what had happened, they got out their red paint and did it all, obliterating the line, as they had intended all along.

The pits in the path have been filled, the surface is smoother than it was, though not brilliant, and the path is significantly wider.

There’s apparently no money to surface the other diagonal though. It has slabs of the top surface missing in places as the other diagonal did until the 31st.

At the same time though, the excess bollards at the Pizza Hut which we’ve been asking to have removed for years – a request renewed last month – have magically gone – well done City Council!