List of streets with some control on direction of travel

The table below lists all the streets in Cambridge that are either strictly one-way for all traffic, or ‘false one-way’. False one-way streets usually have all vehicles entering at one end, but only cycles permitted to enter at the other end.

Real One way steet 51
Two way [false one-way] 27

Cyclists are permitted to ride both ways along 35% of Cambridge Streets where there is some control on direction of travel.

This list is work in progress. We are compiling a complete list. Please send additions and corrections to the campaign via the contact page.

Ward One Way Two way [false one-way]
  • St John’s Street
  • Trinity Street
  • Green Street
  • Bridge Street (southern end)
  • Sidney Street (northern end)
  • St Mary’s Street
  • Market Street
  • Market Hill
  • Sidney Street north of junction with Market Street
  • Round Church Street
  • Wheeler Street (to be converted)
  • Corn Exchange Street (to be converted)
  • Park Terrace
  • New Square (south side)
  • Maltings Lane
  • Downing Street
  • Pembroke Street
  • Hobson Street
  • St Andrews Street
  • Sidney Street south of junction with Market Street
  • Malcolm Street
  • John Street
  • Bene’t Street
  • Burleigh Street
  • Fair Street
  • New Square (north side)
  • Panton Street
  • Brookside
  • St Eligius Street
  • Coronation Street
  • Union Road
  • Norwich Street
  • Bateman Street
  • Tennis Court Road
  • Fitzwilliam Street (but cyclists can’t enter from Trumpington Street)
  • Part of Covent Garden
  • Part of Mawson Road
  • Mackenzie Road
  • Willis Road
  • Collier Road
  • Guest Road
  • Kingston Street
  • Emery Street
  • Perowne Street
  • Norfolk Terrace
  • Blossom Street
  • Harvest Way
  • Tenison Road (the short section on the west side of the green).
  • Belgrave Road
  • Hemingford Road
  • Ross Street
  • Thoday Street
  • Catharine Street
  • Sedgwick Street
  • Cockburn Street
  • Part of Argyle Street
  • Coldham’s Lane end of Vinery Road
  • Hope Street
  • St Philip’s Road
  • Stockwell Street
  • Mount Pleasant
  • Shelley Row
  • Albion Row
  • Garden Walk
  • George Street
  • Springfield Road
  • Albert Street
  • Swann’s Road
  • Mercer’s Row
  • Garlic Row
  • Selwyn Road
  • Central street on the Addenbrooke’s site


Sussex Street – is pedestrianised, no motor vehicles either way.