Motorbike threat to Cambridge Bus and Cycle Lanes

April 2000:

Cambridgeshire councillors have unanimously decided ‘that powered 2-wheelers should be accorded the same status as cars in terms of priority measures and consequently should not be allowed to use bus lanes.’

On March 30th, members of Cambridgeshire County Council’s ‘Environment and Transport Committee’ considered a report from officers that ‘on environmental grounds, it appears that motorcycles should be accorded the same position in the road user hierarchy as cars’. Councillors also expressed concern at the effect the proposals would have on cycle safety, and on the Council’s ability to reach its casualty reduction targets.

The Officers’ report is on the Cambridgeshire County Council web site.

The relevant sections are:

  • 3.18 to 3.22
  • 5.1(e) (which was corrected at the meeting, to remove the first ‘not’)

August 1999:

Motorcyclists in Cambridge are lobbying the Councils to change the rules so that motorbikes and mopeds would be allowed to use Cambridge’s “Bus, Cycle and Taxi” lanes, resulting in a flurry of media coverage (Radio 5 Live, Radio Cambridgeshire and Radio 1, to name but a few)

We strongly oppose the move, and are responding with a petition of our own. There is an overview of our reasons in Motorbike threat to bus lanes in our August 1999 newsletter. We are also preparing a more detailed position paper on the subject.

We are urging those who agree with us to sign our petition opposing the move.

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