Increase safety for cyclists on Mitcham’s Corner

Cambridgeshire County Council is consulting the public on an Accident Remedial Scheme for Mitcham’s Corner. Its purpose is to save the lives of, and reduce injuries to, cyclists and other road users.

The scheme would:

  • Put traffic lights – with pedestrian and cycle crossings – on all five entrances to the junction, to make it easier to switch and merge lanes
  • Provide a more direct route for cyclists between Milton Road and Victoria Avenue (hopefully separated from pedestrians)
  • Create cycle paths for cyclists in front of, and behind, Staples – to avoid the long detour needed to cycle round the junction

Cambridge Cycling Campaign believes that these proposals will be a big improvement for cyclists, on what is a very intimidating junction. But they will only happen if enough people tell the Council – soon – that the scheme is important.

There has been opposition so far because there might be a small reduction of car-parking spaces. In particular, if four car spaces in front of the houses in the middle of the junction are retained, cyclists and pedestrians will be channelled through a really narrow space. We’re asking the County Council to find alternative locations for these parking spaces.

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